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Huddersfield vs Charlton - Match Thread



  • Swindon 1 nil up.
  • Roberts blocked off by Reid and they get a free kick for that.
  • [cite]Posted By: WSS[/cite]Swindon 1 nil up.

    we're still 5th ... that sounds better
  • NIce position for them, Roberts and Drinkwater takes it, cleverly done but they now have a corner after it's deflected behind.
  • Our goal kick as the corner comes to nothing.
  • Flicked by Mooney, to Forster, to Reid but Clarke clears, Reid blocked the clearance and they have a throw.
  • between us and huddersfield for 6th place big big game.
  • Dean Heffernan gives us a throw basically, in their half. Offside against Forster, though. Luton 5 up!!! Not even half an hour gone.
  • Luton 5-0 up after 26 minutes. Jeez.
  • Smalling gives away a pen at Fulham...why did Man Utd buy him for so much - he has hardly ever played and when he does he often makes for the future I know but still seems like an awful lot of cash. Anyway Hull 1 up. Come on, send those Happy Hammers down!
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  • We have a throw on the left, launched to Mooney but it's back to Borrowdale, Forster challenges, Mooney there, Peltier and Collins clear though... Dailly, but Rhodes gets there, Dailly clears for their throw.
  • Scum are 1-0 up
  • off off off
  • Peltier with a dreadful tackle on Racon. Should be sent off.
  • Racon has been murdered
  • Peltier completely over the top challenge, could have broken Racon's leg. Should be off. Getting away with only a yellow card.
  • Collins shoots but Sam Sodje blocked bravely, cleared, Heffernan just about controls it, Peltier to Robinson, Rhodes back to Robinson, Pilkington and WOW there's a massive foul, Peltier goes in epically, must go, I thought there had been a wonder goal but it's so so so bad... he's taking time over it is the ref - thankfully Racon's to his feet - Parry made it out to be a red card and the ref... hmm...
  • Kyel Reid, falls to Forster but Peltier shepherds it out... get another yellow out of him...
  • luton 6 Hayes 0 (31mins)
  • Luton six nil!!!
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  • [cite]Posted By: seth plum[/cite]I thought there had been a wonder goal but it's so so so bad..
    That's what I thought at first
  • [cite]Posted By: Off_it[/cite]Luton 5-0 up after 26 minutes. Jeez.

    6-0 now. Crikey.
  • Racon scoops it away, Peltier to take the throw... Dailly heads it to Borrowdale who whacks it to Mooney, hits Racon with the pass though, Sodje hits it to Mooney... Pilkington to penalty area and it's bowled out to Waggy, in their half, waits for Fraser, crosses, flicked by Forster but it's out of play, sounded good.
  • sounds like were in the game
  • Forster is closed down, Smithies thumps clear. Roberts to get it and over Fraser's head, Randolph sweeps for Mooney nearly, Trotman puts it out for a throw on the RH side.
  • [cite]Posted By: nolly[/cite]sounds like were in the game
    Sounds like Hayes & Yeading ain't! :)
  • Pumped to Robinson but to Borrowdale, smeared away to Racon from Semedo, Pilkington tries to barge through Borrowdale and we win a throw.
  • Watford & Derby winning - Palace 5 points from safety on the "live" table!
  • Seven for Luton...
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