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Huddersfield vs Charlton - Match Thread



  • Nearly the break over here, they have a free kick halfway in our half, Sodje heads away, dropped into the D but Pilkington smashes the ball over.
  • i would take a draw
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    Today's away following........
  • [cite]Posted By: northstandsteve[/cite]how colchester getting on ?
  • [cite]Posted By: northstandsteve[/cite]how colchester getting on ?
    0-0 vs. Wycombe.

    3-0 Millwall.
  • Peltier throws down right, to Robinson, long, he wins it back it seems, Borrowdale away from Pilkington... Roberts gets it, Sodje clears it, Roberts to chase again though, with Heffernan, gets through midfield, Waggy lanuches to Forster, who's trying to do things but Clarke rolls it back to Smithies. They come forward again, and comes to nothing.
  • berwick 1-1
  • Mill wall winning 3-0
  • good team that millwall, guaranteed promotion as runners up
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  • Peltier shepherds it out and it's theirs.
  • looks like under 500 there.
  • signs of a good team battering bottom of the table,wish we had done that
  • Richardson FK, battered away for Robinson but over halfway, Drinkwater gets it, in our area, Roberts runs in but put behind for their corner.
  • Forster mentioned a few times, hopefully settling in well and can score the winner in the last min!
  • corner Huddersfield
  • Left-foot in our box but it's headed over the bar, and that's half time.
  • Trotman heads over
  • Still no shot on target though for us..thats my concern.
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  • Half time 0-0, seems ok so far, happy with that.
  • we are doing well. half the job done.
  • So 0-0 half time, i would have taken that at the start of the match.
  • they aint much,draw or late goal from mooney
  • 0-0 HT will do, hopefully we can nick something in the 2nd half, i would be happy with a draw here but we need to win one of these away games whether it be today or next week.
  • Futile request - bring Jonjo on, Parky
  • Looks like the real Seth (me) will have to take over for the second apologies in advance for typos and slowness.
  • swindon 1 up
  • [cite]Posted By: nolly[/cite]looks like under 500 there.

    at least a thousand there
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    OK, can we take the new formation, and the second half enthusiastic onslaught from Huddersfiels eh?
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