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Groves vs DeGale

Is there a man on Earth who doesn't want to see Groves knock f*** out of DeGale on Saturday? Not saying it will happen - I fancy DeGale in the later rounds or on points, but I'd love to see Groves shut him the f*** up.


  • with you on both counts Leroy... want Groves to win but can't see it
  • brahemer pulled out,looks like cleverly and the scouse lad for vacant title
  • Tony Bellew is that nolly? Has it been announced he's the replacement?
  • thats what i heard from someone,but who can tell


  • Will it still be ppv now braemar has pulled out
  • DeGale inside 6 rounds for me
  • defo because groves degale is on,bellew will get wiped but it could be good for a while


  • £15 for Degale v Groves. Outrageous. Good fight but they are novices. Degale is an absolute idiot but has come on a lot better and will win this. Shame for Cleverly.
  • Agee with you Leroy.  There's hyping up a fight and winding up your opponent and then there's just coming accross as a complete charmless  mug.  Would love Groves to school him but cant see it happening.
  • same here,tbh degale and groves are far more than novices,degale could win a world title now
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  • I was shocked to hear that two boxers with an upcoming bout and tickets to sell dislike each other.

    I'm sure it's not just spin as I've never heard of this before.

    Oh, hang on a minute yes I have.   In fact just about every TV fight. 

    What's nice is that after the fight they make up and say how much they respect each other so that's OK
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    they have had history since they were kids Henry,Groves was even baiting when degale won gold,not in the benn eubank dislike cat but this one is one of the more geniune ones

  • Henry - not sure you understand the genuine animosity between these two. Agreed, most boxing pre-fight hype is bullshit, but these two genuinely hate each other. If you're thinking that DeGale and Groves are going to kiss & make-up after this fight, you're wrong!
  • agreed but you would be surprised how after a fight for those twenty mins after how much hugging goes on....then someone says something at the post press do and its back to normal
  • Bellew cleverly on,my mate says bellew not at the weight yet for saturday so thinking early ko,whats your view Leroy on the 4th or abouts?

  • Don't really care, the fact that  Sky Sports (and yourselves) have to constantly say "No, this time it's real" just proves just how often they have cried wolf in the past.

    Just a huge turn off for me and means I just don't bother to watch the sport as a whole any more.  The hype is everything and there is nothing (on this thread as well) on why one is a better fighter, what their different styles are, who has what advantage, etc, etc.    Why do I care if they hate or love each other?  I want to see a boxing match with some skill and controlled aggression.  If I want a personal grudge fight I can hang around any High St on a Saturday night around closing time.

  • well speaking from a boxing angle everybody who goes to york hall or anywhere loves seeing two boxers who dislike each other,it drives them on to perform ,benn v eubank worked because they hated each other,whether you watch it or not boxing still fills out arenas all over the world,i agree with some of what you say in that for example manny and mosley last week was nothing short of a disgrace,touching gloves,not going at it ,those fight damage boxing when there is to much respect.
  • Re watched Smith v Degale last night on Sky. Have to say Degale did look a class act.

  • Degale is going places!!!

    He has fast hands, puts together good combinations and can control a fight. He can fight on the inside and will pick you off all night long on the outside. He has everything he needs to be a World Champion and just needs to keep developing. He isn't far off now.

    Groves is a good fighter, hits a bit harder than Degale, has plenty of heart but in my mind isn't as good technically and is quite easy to hit.

    Degale wins and looks good doing it is my prediction.

    I think Bellew was in training for his own fight so has been in the gym but Cleverly is a class above. Under normal circumstances I'd say Bellew gets blown away. Bellew stands off a bit to much, Cleverly has developed his power and throws good combinations.

    Cleverly wins in 8.
  • Degale is expected to win but don't count out Groves. It looks like he's been training for war, this would be a massive coup for him and he's going to give it everything he's got.

    That said, if I was a betting man I would put money on Degale.
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  • bellew was training for mckenzie in july or something been informed he has to shed a bit
  • Why has nobody mentioned how completely average Groves looked vs Anderson? Was one of the most immature boxing performances I've ever seen. Got floored and very lucky to win. If Anderson had picked a few of his shots better when Groves was shaken then he'd have lost. Groves will hardly be going into this fight with bags of confidence.

  • Anyone just see the press conference on SSN? 

  • Anyone just see the press conference on SSN? 

    Bellew Cleverley hilarious - but just what @Henry Irving was talking about earlier. The whole betting thing between Groves and DeGale is just for the cameras, surely the BBBC won't allow that
  • I just caught the end of it allez.  What did DeGale mean "cover his wage"?

  • If Groves wins, Degale will match and pay Groves's purse out of his own.
  • I just caught the end of it allez.  What did DeGale mean "cover his wage"?

    He means double or quits on the purse
  • Aah right cheers.  Did look like a little boy in that oversized suit young George. Would love it if he won.
  • fuck me his still wearing the old fashioned suit?
  • Got fitted for it in Milletts by the look of it.

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