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Charlton v Watford post-match views (Spoiler Alert: We're staying up!) 2014

I said, we're staying up!


  • What a feeling - many miles away but so chuffed!
  • Fan bloody tastic.
  • Yes!!! Party on the beach on Saturday!!!
  • On the bus home great feeling. Well done fought for every ball, hats off Callum two great finishes. Well done Jose Riga, hope you stay.
  • What a relief !!!!!!
  • MATCH REPORT - Charlton 3–1 Watford: Captain fantastic Johnnie Jackson and stunning strikes from Callum Harriott seals safety for Addicks -
  • A win at Blackpool of course would still be the icing on the cake so let's finish off the season in style!
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  • Wonderful - what a relief!!!
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    6 ex youth team players in the starting line up no network players and a great performance and brilliant atmosphere - all those slagging off Harriett hang your heads in shame
  • I love Charlton!

  • Interviewing the watford manager with a interpreter on CAFC player. Can't speak English !! Italian only ...
  • What was the tannoy announcer banging on about at the end?

    Why did we care how Birmingham did when Doncaster have 44 points?

    Sounded pretty stupid.

    Other than that one of the best Valley nights for years.

    Haha! Good point.
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    What a game hahahaha get in!!!!
    Jose Riga baby Jose Riga oohhhhhhh
  • Having won wanted brum to get a result and maybe put Millwall down on last day
  • Fantastic really pleased
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  • Phew!! What a relief!! Fantastic stuff. All that mattered is the result so not much to say.

    I'd make two points - neither of them really mean anything.

    First, Uwe Rosler and others should take note. One of the great strengths of the Football League is its honesty and integrity. Nobody simply rolls over even when they have nothing to play for. Watford proved that tonight.

    Second, when Troy Deeney equalised on the hour I'd have taken a point there and then. I honesty believe that if the breaks had cut differently during that first hour we'd have been worrying about our goal difference. Who cares though!!

    Two fantastic finishes by Harriott. Diego Poyet immense, yet again. Brilliant substitution by Riga when replacing Sordell with Obika. That really worked.

    I hope all those going to Blackpool can now enjoy a wonderfully relaxing day by the seaside!!
  • who's going down ? it's not us so who cares?? (p.s still hope it's millwall!)
  • Couldn't bear to listen. My lad called me at half time. I sat watching the TV knowing he would call at the final whistle. "Hi Dad we did it!!! 3-1!!!!" Wow what a relief. I'd rather be there than listen on the radio. I just couldn't go tonight.

    All that worry - all gone and basking in that glow of relief.
  • I know you are all waiting for me to say it............

    Love Jacko to bits.
  • Fantastic, what a relief. IMO if Harriot had played the whole season and Wilson played more games in right midfield, we'd have been nowhere near the bottom.
  • Emotionally drained. What a night. Performance of the season from the lads. Sounds like Riga won't be here next season but top marks to him and the entire squad. I'll sleep well tonight, dreaming of a Yann hat-trick on Saturday. Will post properly tomorrow. COYR!
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