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Post-match Thread: Morecambe v Charlton Athletic | Tuesday 23 November 2021

Just shy of 800 Addicks followed Johnnie Jackson’s men up to the windswept, north-western enclave of Morecambe to continue our battle to climb the league. We got off to the perfect start as DJ found the back of the net on a somewhat speculative effort. We looked to dominate from then through the first half. We looked to run away as we dominated possession, resulting in a Conor Washington solo effort. With the supporters in good voice we looked on the road to easy street.

The second half was quite scrappy, with the referee seemingly facilitating Morecambe’s efforts to frustrate, confuse and confound. Morecambe salvaged their evening with a penalty and a goal from a header. We worked hard in possession to break them down, but to no avail once they settled behind the ball and worked to find something on the counterattack. 

Johnnie Jackson’s unbeaten run continues, however, so keep your peckers up. 

Morecambe 2 Charlton 2


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    Interesting Washington talking about playing in the middle 
    when he asked Nige to do that he was dropped!
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    Tired performance,especially 2nd half. Too sloppy with the ball tonight and made it too easy for a whistle happy plank of a ref to keep giving them cheap free kicks. Said it on the match thread but im sorry,Davison just isnt good enough.
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    Two points, that we can't afford to lose, thrown away. 
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    Dizzle said:
    Bizarre decisions from the ref. I may be in the minority but I don’t see what value Davison brings to the team, very frustrating. Kirk was pointless when he came on
    Your right mate Davison not good enough I’m afraid 
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    edited November 2021
    We drew.

    Injuries and suspensions taking their toll.

    Get Harris in now (that's a joke BTW)

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    edited November 2021
    Hello.....the Adkins team reappeared 2nd half....laboured performance and always looked vunerable from set pieces. Gunter was awful and got bullied for the penalty. Ref was awful and blew early when we had the ball in their penalty box about to shoot. God we need to get out of this division and way from these shitty shitty refs. 2-0 and we fucked it up. 
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    We weren’t quite at it, but..

    Don’t normally go overboard on them, and we weren’t that great, but that ref was consistently awful. Soft / bad decisions led to both their goals. 50/50s went for them time after time. Soft free kicks. Final whistle as we were about to shoot before time was up!!!
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    No changes in the team needed. Just tired which is fair. Hope Pearce is back but I’m not going to give Gunter too much stick. Didn’t know you could hand off players in football…
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    A point, unbeaten under JJ. A result at Shrewsbury and we set off again. No probs.
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    Second half was pure ‘Adkins-ball’!
    sideward pointless passing, with no potency! 

    Extremely disappointed to have let slip a 2 goal lead, but just cements the point that Gunter should be nowhere near centreback, we miss Pearce, and that kirk is a complete busted flush who needs shipping out come January! 

    Davison very poor, but again when we just start lumping it up top early second half then it’s stark contrast to the positive play we had! 
    Midfield got somewhat over run at times, we had a job done on us! 

    Ref was poor, but only ourselves to blame - we sat back far too much and wanted to soak up the pressure - the inevitable happened! 

    A point is a point, but the win should have been paramount and certain
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    Fatigued performance. Stockley would have been useful in both boxes tonight. 

    Next game we need to adjust the defence so Gunter not in the middle of the 3.
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