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Post-match Thread: Charlton Athletic vs Portsmouth | Monday 17th October 2022

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Sky cameras visited the Valley this evening to capture Charlton’s total dismantling of a fourth-placed Portsmouth side that has only lost one other time this season. We outworked, outfought, and out-played Portsmouth to pick up another three points to complete a second consecutive win. This was the match that saw a complete performance from Ben Garner’s side over the full ninety minutes.

Ryan Innis headed home the opening goal, followed by a composed, one-on-one strike from CBT on the counter to give us a two goal lead going into the half. In the second half, Eoghan O’Connell scored the third with another towering header from a free kick. We defended well and saw out the clean sheet.

Portsmouth had a man sent off on about 60 minutes, after collecting two yellows from late challenges. We did something we rarely if ever do, immediately crowding the ref to pursue the case and ensure the deserved second card and the sending off.

Live on Sky, it’s a happy Valley.

Up the table we go.

Charlton 3 Portsmouth 0

Over to you.


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    So so good 
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    Beginning to look like we’ve got something about us.
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    Three points off playoffs 
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    3-0 against 10 men and with 15 mins left I still wasn’t comfy.
    Great win. Good performance. Well done boys. 
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    edited October 2022
    Absolutely no reason why they can't put that level of performance in for every remaining game from now on in.

    CBT gets a mention in dispatches, but the whole side were very good.
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    What an outstanding performance from the boys… E I E I E I O.! 🔴⚪️
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    Not wanting to get my Hope's up but apart from Ipswich out next bunch of games look winnable ! Playoffs here we come ?
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    AndyG said:
    Not wanting to get my Hope's up but apart from Ipswich out next bunch of games look winnable ! Playoffs here we come ?
    To be fair, take a look at our games between now and the end of the calendar year - If only it were quite as simple, but Ipswich | Peterborough | Oxford are the only three games I dont like - As Garner has just said, we now need to go to Shrewsbury and start winning away games.
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    Enjoyed that.

    We’ve been a very frustrating team to watch this year, and you feel like that could only be around the corner again if we pick up a couple of injuries to key players.

    But that being said overall I also don’t think we have been anywhere near as bad as many individuals here have thought. 

    Need to win these next two games if we really want to be back in and around it, and then we can go into that Ipswich match full of confidence. 
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    Boom 💥
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    Leuth said:
    Garner looking at Charlie Kirk's body of work for Charlton, looking at our striker crisis, and despite all seeming logic, using the one to solve the other...probably his greatest stroke of managerial genius yet
    He's just admitted as well, that Kirk has never played that role before now
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    Domination and totally deserved, very professional 
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    Superb performance. Makes you wonder where we'd be if we'd played 442 all season.

    Well done Garner and the lads.

    4 points off 4th and all to play for. Amazing how a couple of results in 7 days can turn it all around.

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    LoOkOuT said:
    Fraser and Dobson were outstanding.
    They really were
    Looks like we might, finally, have a starting 11 and a way to play
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