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Post-Match Thread: Stevenage vs Charlton Athletic | Saturday 16th September 2023 @ 3pm

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Michael Appleton’s first game in charge proved a tricky visit to top-of-the-league Stevenage, with Alfie May out under concussion protocols and Nathan Assimwe suffering a knock. Stevenage started brightly and were first to every ball ahead of a hesitant Charlton side. Stevenage went up 1-0 on the break through a characteristic lapse in concentration at the back. George Dobson dived in, trying to plug the gaps; Lloyd Jones was wrong footed; and Harry Isted decided not to move. Charlton went into the break down one without a shot on target and barely a threat up top.

 Second half was better from Charlton, but not great. It wasn’t until the final twenty five or so minutes when the Addicks came alive. A fine cameo from Chuks Aneke proved helpful, as he terrorised their back line and more than matched them physically. After numerous shouts, at least two in each half, Charlton were awarded a penalty when substitute Tedic was hacked down. Corey Blackett-Taylor stepped up to take it. I almost couldn’t watch. He confidently put the ball in the back of the net to draw us level. 

The officiating was nothing less than awful, with Stevenage pulling the referee’s strings consistently. Conversely (perhaps relatedly), the travelling Addicks’ support were in fine voice all game and, it could be argued, proved the difference when pressurising the referee to make the right call for the penalty. 

Stevenage 1 Charlton 1

Over to you.


  • First point away which says we have hopefully turned a corner. Chuks! What a star
  • It’ll take time, but something seriously needs to click with this squad! 

    As good as they have been, need to remove Campbell, Anderson and asimwee from the XI and go with more experience.

    hopfully tennai Watson is close to fitness, he should be better at RB- but the choice at CB is impossible to pick! Edun needs to buck his ideas up too

    hopefully camara and Fraser back soon?

    my go to would be; 

    watson   Ness.   Hector.    Edun
    CBT.                    C Campbel
                May Leaburn 

  • On the face of it that's not a bad point. Usual problems though, a team that needs a halftime beating to start playing anything vaguely resembling football. It's nice to see Chuks back for now and I'll be interested to see how we line up when May is available again. 433 doesn't suit him but CBT is an important player so it's harder to play 1 up front. Then we suddenly have May, Leaburn, Aneke and Tedic to think about getting into the team, as well as Fraser and Camara to fit in around Dobson, Anderson, Watson, Taylor, Campbell and eventually McGrandles who Appleton got the most out of at Lincoln. Might be stocked in the wrong areas depending on how he wants to play
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  • Immediately cheered up by news from Villa Park!

    Let's face it. Does not matter who manages this shower, mid table 3rd division football is us!
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    Should’ve had two penalties before the referee eventually gave us one.

    Stevenage not just a physical side. They’ve also mastered the dark arts of the game and when you get a soft ref like that, it works really well for them.

    Swallow your pride, put the name of the team aside and that’s a good point on the road given the circumstances.
    Yup, 100% this for me. We drew away to the side at the tip of the table. Even if it is early days, we never do well against Steve Evans' sides.

    Just really hope the injuries to Abankwah and Taylor aren't too bad. 

    Lastly, so happy for Chuks. Great to see him back out there, and he made himself am absolute nuisance. 
  • For me not a very convincing performance.

    Yes we looked better in the second half when we decided to push players forwards, but conversely Stevenage really should have put the game to bed on the counter more than once before we got back into the game. 

    Really not sure what our game plan was first half, and I know we need to be more disciplined across the side but we can’t be that unadventurous and either not press sides up the pitch or sit in a low block and try and counter quickly.

    I know Stevenage don’t necessarily flood players forwards either, but we just played into their game.

    Cant wait to Fraser or Camera come back so we can at least move then all through the thirds quicker. 

    Anyway, would have taken a draw before the game and nice to see Chuks back just hope he can stay fit. 
  • Addick_8 said:
    Chucks completely changed that game
    And that's why we rush him back time and again
  • I am not sure why we play so badly in the first half so often.

    One clean sheet in seven games.
  • 1st half one to forget, 2nd much improved. Thought Chuks rattled them, as he does best and we were unlucky not to have had 2-3 pens as others have said. Bum was squeaky when CBT took the ball for the pen, but it was a good one in the end. A fair point overall and something to build on ahead of next week. 
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    For me this is far more blatant than the hand ball. At least with the hand ball it's a difficult angle and a bouncing ball and the ref is far away. This was right in front of him. 
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  • Chuks was great when he came on. A more mobile striker with him and we’d have had a couple more chances. Less said about the ref the better but smart from Tedic to go down and Dobbo’s reaction definitely made a difference. Not convinced by Isted. Overall a point against top of the table after our start is a positive. Something to build on. 
  • Lennie started with an away point. Just saying.... manager, lots of new players. It's a start. 
  • I’ve seen better quality in National League games this season. 
    I’ve seen way, way better refereeing in the National league.

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