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the most scared you have ever been

Just thought I would throw this one out there. I am currently posting this from a put up bed in chasefarm children's ward. Where my youngest only 10 months old is currently being looked after by some fine young men and women. She seems to have contracted an infection that has resulted in her running temperatures of up to 42 degrees, she had 3 forms of fit that some children can get when they get too hot and she is having a real go at fighting the infection with the aid if intravenous antibiotics and some pain relief to aid keep her temp down.

When she had the first 1 and we had no idea what the hell was happening, I ain't ashamed to say it . I have never been so scared I thought that I was just about to live every parents worst nightmare.

So I thought that seeing as I can't sleep and that there is a real mix of young and old I would ask the question when or what scared you so much that for a moment in time you froze to the spot and didn't know what to do.

We ain't had any more of these fits since weds morning and although poorly still things seem to be going in the right direction , the nhs we have is a wonderful and unique thing and it makes me feel a great sense of well-being that these guys are here for us all they are the true heros amongst us not footballer and tv personalities.


  • [cite]Posted By: nth london addick[/cite]The nhs we have is a wonderful and unique thing and it makes me feel a great sense of well-being that these guys are here for us all they are the true heros amongst us not footballer and tv personalities.

    With you when it comes to the nurses and doctors who work for the NHS. Unsung heroes. Hope your little girl pulls through this as soon as possible. God bless.
  • Being robbed at knife point the other week, cannot compare to you though wish you the best of luck.
  • Where did that happen j block. Did they get much
  • Im currently at uni in Sheffield so I was at our house obviously a student area a lot of robberies, was at home with the girlfriend bloke balaclava and knife came waltzing in told us in no uncertain terms to shut the f*** up took 40inch TV x box games controllers, wasn't nice at all.
  • In your own house. Fudging hell that would brick most. Hope they catch the prick
  • NLA - your littl'un had febrile convulsions? I was hospitalised with that when I was 2 after a bad bout of bronchitis, and don't seem to have any associated long term ill effects, although it freaked my parents out big time.
  • [cite]Posted By: J BLOCK[/cite]Im currently at uni in Sheffield so I was at our house obviously a student area a lot of robberies, was at home with the girlfriend bloke balaclava and knife came waltzing in told us in no uncertain terms to shut the f*** up took 40inch TV x box games controllers, wasn't nice at all.

    Been happening a fair bit in Hull last few weeks as well!

    Group of mates lost their massive tv and a 360 + games in the same way! The balls some people have is crazy!
  • I really hope the temperatures going down and your little un is well on the way to recovery NLA, thoughts with you.

    One scary moment that comes to mind for me is that I was out walking along the side of a Waterfall hundreds and hundreds of feet up with my neice Claire.One moment she was by my side the next moment her legs went from under her and she was rolling towards an abyss, it was like dropping the most precious thing imaginable, i hurled myself over rocks and managed to grab hold of her. We made our way back to where the family was picnicing totally shellshocked and my legs cut to pieces by the rocks. The moment of actually catching her was such a huge relief.
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    Got held at gunpoint at the old Jet garage in swanley. Found out to be a man with a fake gun, but we wasn't to know that at first.
  • Dal text me later and let me know how she's doing, thoughts are with you all, nothing can compare to the fear of one of your little ones being taken ill.
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  • Al Will do mate.

    Shrew that was one brave thing you did to catch her well-done mate. aliwibble that's the thing she had. scary as anything ask your folks. I wouldn't wish them on anyone especially when they are so young

    my little bubs had her 2nd night in here no change high temps but no convulsions since. so we must be winning the fight.
  • I've got nothing that would compare to that.
    Hope your little un recovers soon.
  • All the best NLA.

    I'm lucky to of led a fairly scare free life so far, I got robbed of my mobile phone by some druggy holding a house brick over my head (yes I was bricking it before somebody gets that in) when I was a teenager but nothing that really compares to what you are going through.
  • My mate was on a Garuda flight from Indonesia and the plane just started dropping out of the sky, all the oxygen masks were coming down and the crew were running round like headless chickens screaming.

    He thought it was all over but the pilot eventually regained control of the plane and they were OK.

    He said he was scared bloody witless!
  • I really hope she continues to get better NLA, seeing your young children ill in hospital is a truly frightening experience, you feel completely helpless, ready to pray, trade places, do anything to make it all right again.
    And the staff are normally fantastic.
    Good luck NLA best wishes to you and your little girl.
  • My most frightening experiences were on behalf of the kids to. The eldest when he had to have a sweat test because they thought he might have cystic fibrosis, the youngest when they detected a hear murmur. Thankfully for us the test results were negative and the murmur stopped of its own accord. So it wasn't a problem. I wish your daughter all the very best NLA and I understand how trying these things can be for you. Can only really echo what you said about the NHS staff.

    As for being robbed at home, that's truly awful too. I got pick pocketed a few years back and still get annoyed when I think about it, so how you must feel being roobed in your own home I can only imagine.
  • Had a gun and a knife pulled on me by street robbers, but that probably made me more enraged than scared and was shouting at the scum and issuing threats until they gave me my SIM back, it helps being Scottish at times (at least until it was all over, at which point I was sickenly horrified for about a day after).

    Probably the worst was when my weight belt fell off when I was diving (very difficult things to put back on when they've slipped off because if you're holding them in one hand you start spinning, so I lost a grip on it before I could get it on and took the quick way up. Wasn't too deep (less than 60 feet), but I was concious that there was a lot of motorboats zipping about overhead and I didn't have any means to keep me down and was pretty sure that if the propellors didn't slice me up I'd have the bends bubbling about in my blood. Still nothing compared to what you experienced NLA.
  • All the best to your daughter NLA
  • Little 'uns are so strong mate, I'm sure she's going to be up and about very soon, all the best!
  • Glad to hear your daughter had a peaceful night and the Lass & I wish her and your family well at this difficult time.

    For me the scariest was 8 years ago, my wife had a massive brain haemorrhage and as they wheeled her into theatre the consultant said she only had 30% chance of pulling through so we had better say goodbye. Also as she is a nurse she knew the situation. I'm pleased to say she recovered and the scariest time for me was sitting by her bedside, with her out cold and me not being able to do anything except hold her hand. So NLA stick in there, hold her hand and she'll come through.
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  • Thoughts are with you NLA.
  • The only moment of real fear I can remember in my life is nothing compared to some of what I have just read. I have been very lucky.

    Two things that stick in my mind are:

    1. i was about 15, on a rollercoaster in the States. It was just pulling up the hill before the main drop the the should harness thingy started moving a little more than I would have expected. as it crested the top of the hill I was convinced I was going to die, and for the rest of the ride I don't think I blinked or breathed.

    2. was a few months back. My son is growing up and wanting to be a bit more independant so we have started from time to time letting him walk from home to the station to meet me on my way home from work. He takes our dog to give the illusion of safety (if you knew my dog you would know why it is an illusion). I know roughly how long it takes for him to meet me and when on the second of thrid time of doing this he had not turned up by the time I expected him and I could not see him coming down the road the fear was on me. Fearing the worst I called home, heart racing, shouting to the wife where is he. She then revelaed just after I got off the phone with her to tell him I was near home he had misbehaved so she would not let him out. I believe my wife learnt some new words shortly afterwards that are normally only used when I am at the football.

    As I said nothing compared to what I have read and my best wishes to NLA and your daughter.
  • All the best NLA.
  • [cite]Posted By: shirty5[/cite]With you when it comes to the nurses and doctors who work for the NHS. Unsung heroes.

    And lets not forget the paramedics and their trainees... they're the dog danglies too... ;-)

    Am sure the little lady will be up and back to normal in no time at all NLA. Any idea what her temp is now?

    As for most scared I've been, it would be the same reason as yours mate. Coming home from the Valley one night, hearing the Mrs calling me to go upstairs and finding her and Isaac in the bathroom... Mrs sponging down the little man, whose eyes were rolled and limbs twitching. I'd had basic first aid training back then so knew in theory what I needed to do but seeing it actually happen, and to your own flesh and blood, is something completely different. He's had two now and whilst I don't wish a second on your little one, at least you'll know what to do if it happens again (if you dont, I'd be more than happy to go through it with you but I'd hope the hospital staff will do that with you before discharge)

    How long was your little one convulsing for? Did she stop of her own accord or did the ambulance crew give any medication to stop it? The bad news is that febrile convulsions can happen until theyre about 5 years old. The good news is that they're generally harmless and have no lasting side effects or cause lasting damage.
  • All the very best NLA. Sounds like she's in good hands.
  • hope all turns out ok nla
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    D hope she gets well soon son had the same thing with my little fella he got an infection in his foot and they kept him in 4 a week misses had a put up bed she stayed with him ,his infection was tracking up his leg and they got worried about the poison causing scepticemia ,let me tel u mate u wished it was yourself ,absolutely shit myself hopes she is ok mate.

    must say the nurses and docs were different class.
  • Yeah mine is actually the same as nla, 2 years ago around this time my when my little girl was 3 she had a convulsion and i was holding her in my arms, i honestly thought as nla said i was about to live every parents worst nightmare and i swear i am still shaking about it to this day when i think about it, was horrible.

    She had another one last year around this time aswell in school, she just collapsed while playing in the playground due to high temperature again and that was another moment when i had to rush to the school but we were told the year before that it could well happen again so i keep her off now whenever she complains of being ill even the smallest thing, hopefully she doesn't have one this year we are always stocked up on ibuprofen and calpol just incase though, worst experience i have ever been through.
  • Best wishes to you and the family Dal.....hope its all sorted out and you can get back to normality

    Ive got a story...again its a child, but I'll save it for another time.....believe me mate I know what youre going through.....chin up.
  • All the best NLA to your little girl and you and all your family. It must be such a worrying time and I hope everything from this point moves upwards for you all.

    JBlock that's frightening mate, had a few hairy moments in sheffield, couple of punch ups, got burgled myself as well (wasn't in) but nothing on that scale. Hope you and the missus are alright.
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