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Charlton v Wigan Post-Match views 2013

Big crowd, decent point.

Over to you...


  • I fear that the lack of goals in this team is going to condemn us to a season long struggle against relegation.
  • Thanks RM for the commentary (match thread closed a bit sharpish today) :-)

    Decent point that considering the injuries to Wood and Yann
  • FT stats addicks first-:
    possession......47% - 53%
    shots on......... 3 - 3
    shots off........ 6 - 11
    corners.......... 3 - 3

    GOALS........... 0 - 0
  • One point gained...

    Thanks Red and StillAddicted for the match commentary.
  • We ain't got the coin to reinforce so we will be skirting relegation all season I reckon. Yann looks fragile this year and that may tip the balance against us.
  • wood and yann picked up injuries?
  • Sordell needs to play with someone better than church, wood MOM had holt in his pocket until he went off
  • A point against the FA Cup holders and a team who were getting results against Prem teams last season is a decent outcome. Need more goals in the side though
  • wood and yann picked up injuries?

    Yes but neither went straight down the tunnel so hopefully not incredibly serious.

    Yann seemed to gesture towards his ankle before coming off and had ice applied
  • Good clean sheet , but lack of goals is a worry.
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  • A point against the FA Cup holders and a team who were getting results against Prem teams last season is a decent outcome. Need more goals in the side though

    Especially against a side with such a good away record that are setting the league alight.
  • sign Basile
    oh yes thanks to the RM team
  • edited October 2013
    Yann was done after 5mins. No idea why he stayed on as long as he did.

    Looked solid at the back until Wood went off.

    Wood was limping heavily at the end.

    Big concern is we simply don't look like scoring.
  • No cutting edge nothing changes though.
  • boogica said:

    No cutting edge nothing changes though.

    That bad mate?
  • edited October 2013
    On the positive that`s 3 clean sheets in a row and 4 games unbeaten! Massive improvements all round!
  • I really enjoyed the game. Both teams had chances to win. Stephens played well...and won some flood tackles. One of those games where nobody played poor, but nobody really stood out. Both full backs were noticeable for their forays forward.
    Didn't really like Wigan. They used their Premier league nous to con the ref in the second half. Went down too easily and unfortunately the ref went along with it.
    Hamer looked comfortable and confident.
    A pleasing point.
  • boogica said:

    No cutting edge nothing changes though.

    That bad mate?
    Did ok mate but same old story really lacklustre in front of goal pritchard should av scored in the 1st half but skyed it over the bar and he should av hit the target at least , u didnt miss much , on the positive side another clean sheet .
  • I actually thought it wasn't a bad game. Not fantastic, but not terrible either.

    Some decent play from both sides. Thought Yann was looking good until he got injured - very frustrating.

    Lack of a cutting edge up front without Yann, but we knew that already. No point bleating about it, just need to roll up our sleeves and get stuck into the next game.
  • Posting without reading.
    Like the Middlesboro game a losing goal was inevitable it seemed, but it didn't come. Losing Wood late on made the end of the game dodgy, not that Dervite did anything wrong. However unlike the defeat to Boro there was much more about us today than there was at that game, and we had decent chances too. There were lots of ifs and buts moments. Pritch firing over in the first half, they cleared off the line, they slammed the crossbar, no booking even at that Wigan handball (seen reds given for less!), Yann injured and us effectively playing with 10 for most of the first half living in hope. nip and tuck everywhere. The game needed an Obika moment at the death as we were getting at the end of last season.I call it 55/45 to Wigan, but a draw is ok.
    I was expecting to lose to Blackburn and Wigan so this is still a work in progress and something to build on.
    Oh and the biggie? Three clean sheets in a row, gotta be happy with that, if you can't win don't lose.
    For me Dale Stephens was our best player. if he keeps this up we will have a hard and unexpected decision to make for POTY. Church was admirable, as was the defence generally. If Wiggy and Stewart had a more instant understanding we would have been deadly down the left hand side.
    Yeah, not too bad overall.
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  • Not doing footy for a fiver game again. I must just be unlucky but every time I get sat next to a bunch of jerks. This time it was two families with kids ranging from a babe in arms to teenagers. Bunch of bumholes the lot if them. Bored stupid and misbehaving. Completely spoiled the day. I was in a grumpy mood to start with having driven nearly 500 miles but they would have tested the patience of a saint. The game was awful I thought. We have nothing up front although we huffed and puffed and could have won it. Wigan were dismal.
  • we are building a solid base. we need to rest yann and not usher him back. give him some more time off. our attack looks better than before but we need to do better through balls htough.
  • Nigh on 4 games without conceding a goal , what's our record of mins without conceding

    Good point on the board but this season will inevitably be a struggle and 21st is our first aim

    0% Top half ........ 70% 13th -21st .......... 30% The big R
  • Sounded like they came on strong in the second half, so in the end, a point was a fair result for us, plus another clean sheet.
    Thanks Redmidland for the commentaries.
  • Good performance. We desperately need another striker.
  • Tight game, not the most inspiring to watch and never really looked like a goal was coming. Can't really tell in the upper how much influence the wind had on procedings.

    Won't do anything to inspire 10,000 floaters, but another point and another clean sheet.

    Sometimes in tight games you need that bit of instinct to make something happen or take a half chance. I love Bradley Pritchard, but he's never gonna be that person sadly

  • Can't believe the negativity on this thread. Great point against a very good side. We actually kept the ball fairly well at times and had chances to win it (admittedly so did they).

    We'll avoid relegation with ease.
  • It was nice to see so many people at the Valley. Not as bad a game as some £5 games have been. If you're keeping clean sheets there is always a chance you'll nick a goal and win it.

    With regards to Yann, I sit behind the dugout and saw the conversations with him. He didn't want to come off and Powell obviously decided to allow him to stay on the pitch, which could've made any injury worse. However, he made at least one defensive clearance before he was yanked, so I'm glad he was there.
  • We never looked like scoring and fortunately Wigan were very poor in front of goal. Stephens and Wood our best players - hopefully Wood's injury not too serious.
    Lack of goals a big worry...
  • Decent point against a decent team just like last home game. Similarities didn't end there. Thought we created a bit more second half whilst looking a bit shaky at the back. Could have gone either way, I settle for a point, but the pressure to get results build as the weeks tick by.
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