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What's your favourite Video Game?

I'm playing Star Wars Battlefront at the moment, which I think is excellent, I struggle to keep up with my teenage boys on Fifa and CoD. Forza is also a good game.
Thinking about the games over the years, I was addicted to Sonic. But my all time fave was Defender


  • Star Wars is excellent and I don't seem to get mullered as much on line as I do in cod.
  • Tomb raider on PS1 was the last game I played properly. Loved it all the time I was recovering from an operation over about 6 weeks. When the mates came around it was Tekken 3. That got the competitive juices flowing.
  • In no order...

    Pokemon Red
    Rollercoaster Tycoon
    Sim Golf
    Tiger Woods 2003
    GTA: Vice City
    Timesplitters 2
    Tourist Trophy
    Call of Duty 4
    Resident Evil 2
    Pro Evolution Soccer 1
  • Am a bit of a mixed bag... I like FIFA 16 but at the same time will forever go back to the classic that is Sensible Soccer, I also enjoy the Assassins Creed games along with Call of Duty.

    Guess its not a Video Game but do enjoy Microsoft Flight Simulator from time to time, would love to learn how to fly but would just be far too expensive, so I settle for the next best thing
  • So many to choose from, I couldn't even tell you my favorite game from the Metal Gear Solid/Uncharted/Final Fantasy/Dark Souls franchise. Never mind the many more.
  • Grand Theft Auto 4
  • Jet Set Willy, Manic Miner, Chuckie Egg
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  • Defender on The Atari - it never got any better than that
  • Star Wars is great and i get Mullered all the time, rather annoying someone called Luton Pikey killed me every chance they had
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    Too many to choose...
    Football Manager (and also Championship Manager before the name change to Football Manager)
    X-Wing vs TIE
    Batman:Arkham series
    Mass Effect series
    Neverwinter Nights
    The first two Knights of the Old Republic Games
    F-15 Strike Eagle II on the Amiga
    Gunship 2000 on the Amiga
    Tiger Woods PGA tour
    Geoff Crammonds Formula One on the Amiga
  • Space Invaders and Scramble
  • Anything that involves shooting or blowing up Germans.
  • I mostly play (poorly) Madden these days, the best game of all time has to be Sensible Soccer on Amiga/ST. I loved Oblivion & Skyrim but hate online Elder Scrolls. Used to love the original sit in Star Wars game at the arcades many a 10p went in back in the day. A very honourable mention must also go to Goldeneye on the 64
  • Asteroids
  • Right now its PES 16. Amazing game.

    Turn the lack of licences on its head using the editor. Have Charlton playing in the old adidas Woolwich kit and the yellow FADS away strip. Have arsenal in the JVC strips, Villas away kit is the green and black muller strip from the Ron Atkinson days etc
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  • Gta 2

    hours spent on the street corner between the loonies and the zaibatsu territories. joining one gang and then the other and then back again.
  • I just struggle to find the time to play video games like I used to and I find a lot of the time the level of detail and skill/practice required to play them excludes me because I might only get to switch the PlayStation on once every couple of months and I forget half the controls or where I am in the story.

    Wasted huge chunks of my teens on Championship Manager. Still like Football Manager but again it's become a bit too in depth for the casual player.

    Last time I seriously gamed was on the PS2. Gran Turismo, GTA Vice City and Pro Evo were my favourites on that.

    I've got a PS3 and enjoy Assassins Creed but don't play it much.

    The all time daddy though is Sensible World of Soccer. Nothing has come close before or since. Simple great fun to play. Easy to pick up and put down but still challenging and hugely addictive. Plus it was the first game to combine management and playing modes and had a hugely in depth player database, I think it even went down to the lower leagues in places like El Salvador so probably went to depths even Football Manager doesn't yet reach. Most importantly it actually meant I could play as Charlton for the first time with all our actual players.
  • Ecco the Dolphin. Always has been, always will be.
  • Flashback on the megadrive
  • Great to see Star Wars Battlefront getting so much love on here. I'm really enjoying it although I think my wife is getting tired of all the shooting and my constant swearing when I get killed or someone blocks my shot. If anyone wants to create a party on PS4 at some point feel free to add me (jdredsox87) and just mention you're from Charlton life.

    Recently started playing fallout 4 which is fun but not quite as addictive as Star Wars for me.

    Also play a bit of Madden and FIFA. Although I'm much better at the former, just can't get my head around the latest FIFA incarnation.

    The latest football manager got played a lot over Christmas while I was away from the PS4 and I recently went back to it. Charlton 3rd in the prem after 3 seasons so I'm doing well!
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    Too many to choose from but some of the earliest ones I played that have remained classics are:

    Resident Evil
    Duke Nukem 3D
    Metal Gear Solid

    Finished Metal Gear Solid V last year which was a great game, with regards to football I've gone for Pro Evo 2016 and I've also just downloaded the HD remaster of Resident Evil Zero.

  • The Last of Us
    The Walking Dead Season 1
    The Wolf Among Us
    Valiant Hearts
    Red Dead Redemption
    Alan Wake
    Mass Effect 2
  • West2003 said:

    The Last of Us
    The Walking Dead Season 1
    The Wolf Among Us
    Valiant Hearts
    Red Dead Redemption
    Alan Wake
    Mass Effect 2

    What is Valiant Hearts like?
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    Wizard of Wor (C64)
    Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (Amiga)
    ISS'98 (N64)
    Monkey Island 1&2 (PC)
    Goldenye (N64)
    GTA III (PS2)
    Tie Fighter (PC)
    North Vs South (Amiga)
    Lemmings (Amiga)
    Lode Runner (XBox)
    EDIT: Another World (Amiga)

    The all time greatest for me is Red Dead Redemption.
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    Star Wars battlefront, I love it, I'm a bit slow at it, but I've got one more gun to unlock, level 20, I wish their were more hero pick up cards!
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