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6 Nations 2018.



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    To develop emerging nations why not have something along the lines of a playoff with the bottom team in the previous years 6 nations with say the winner of the top 3 European/Northern Hemisphere teams (currently Georgia, Romania and Spain I think) either early autumn (when the other teams play the autumn internationals)? Or after the 6 nation so that they know nearly a year in advance who the sixth team would be for the next year's fixtures? I would never have thought we would have beaten England by more points than we (only just) did against Italy today! I was impressed with Italy (but not Scotland's erratic results) but I do wonder if it is fair Italy retain their place when there are other nations of similar standard.
    Italy have progressed in some ways but there is still a wide gap (albeit not that wide today against us!) between them and the rest

    Italy won't get better if they're under constant threat of being banished fro. The Six Nations. It's only due to the fact that they're guaranteed competitive matches against five if the top nations that they can hope to attract top coaches in long-term contracts.
    Yes, I guess so, but have they got that much closer since they have been in the six nations really? Am just wondering if it is fair they keep their place when there is a far larger gap between them and the rest than between them and the next 3 nations
    They've beaten every team except England in the past.

    They are not that far away from competing genuinely and consistently. Sergio Parisse in his prime would have graced any of the other five teams and they have youngsters coming through.
    Five years ago they finished above France and Italy.
    Do you mean Scotland?
    2013 was the best year but it was Ireland they beat not Scotland
    Just to be clear, Italy finished ahead of both Ireland and France in 2013, as I said all along.

    Soz, quoted the wrong post as Len confirmed after
  • planning to go out with Mrs( irish ) and her mates on paddys day - plans may have to be shelved now as don't think i can deal with the mass jubilation.

    edit we went to ganleys in morden know the owner so we were ushered through by 11.30 they were packed out and not letting anymore in, half the group couldnt get in so we ventured down to the royal surrey pub fuck me what a khazi, actually saw a charlton fan walking past had a bobble hat and scarf on ( both charlton ).
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