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Macauley Bonne’s agent isn’t happy...

edited December 2019 in General Charlton



  • Trying to agitate which is a worry.
  • Agent was in the away end just behind me. 
  • Absolute prick!!... Been more than happy uploading videos of what Bonne can do

    All no doubt in an effort to drum up interest in the player who only just joined us

    After all I cant see Macca being unhappy here that quickly so simply an typical twat of the industry trying to get their own deal out of whatever they can achieve!!
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  • Chizz said:
    So, Matthew, you think your player shouldn't be playing, but you drove up to Derby anyway?  
    No he's saying that his player should have been subbed the moment it was clear he was injured
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  • If only we had an owner who could sit down with this prat and tell him how Agents should behave?
  • MDH?

    Massive Delusional Helmet? 

    Mega Dick Head? 
  • Maybe he’s started his New Year’s Eve sherbet a day early
  • He’s bloked his tweets the pussy
    Ha! What a wet wipe
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