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+++RIP Seb Lewis - The Ultimate Charlton Super Fan+++

edited March 26 in General Charlton
Truly a passionate fan, never missed a game. Such sad news. :( 


  • Rest in peace, Seb. Very sad.
  • Awful sad news, a mainstay of the CAFC family.
  • So so sad RIP 
  • Terrible news RIP Seb
  • Gutted 
  • That’s tragic, really tragic. RIP Seb. 
  • Very sad - rest in peace Seb.
  • Surely not! That's tragic. RIP
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  • Totally Tragic.
    RIP Seb.
  • Awful news, RIP Seb.
  • How awful. RIP Seb
  • RIP Seb, very sad news
  • Truly awful news. Never knew Seb personally but very sad to hear of his passing. A Charlton legend in a different way and hope the club can do something to recognise that
  • No way!! Surely not? 
  • Tragic, RIP Seb. Legend. 
  • Dreadful news. Very very sad. RIP
  • Well this great club has now lost 2  of its most iconic supporters in the space of 2 weeks , first Les and now Seb.  RIP Seb truly tragic. 
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  • Absolutely devastated.

    RIP Seb.
  • Oh God no. RIP Seb
  • Genuinely shocked by this.

    Can't be many Charlton fans who weren't aware of Seb. 

    RIP to a Charlton legend.
  • This is awful,
    RIP Seb. 
  • In shock. 

    Legend is an overused word but Seb was deserving of it. 

  • RIP Seb. Horrendous news. 

  • An all round lovely guy who will be missed by so many, even by those who never got the chance to say hello.

    Terrible, terrible news. Rip Seb.
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