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Karoy Anderson



  • Definitely need to get him signed to a longer deal before he plays in league one and other clubs start to notice him.
    Just repeating this. Get a contract in front of this boy quick!
  • Thought he was outstanding last night against such a strong line up
  • Anderson looks a great talent, hopefully he can be used here and there this year. I don't really want us relying on him to start yet but he's definitely not far off. Equally a short term loan could be an option and integrate him in 2-3 months after a bit of match practice lower down. 

    Maybe i am in the minority Asimwe looked raw, but lacked the end product. He is still young, but equally i'd be worried if we had him near, i think a loan will do him good. 
  • Speaks very well - Really need to get Contract negotiations under way. 

    Cant have a repeat of Aribo or Grant with this lad

    Can only hope we have the option of an additional year at the end of his current deal, but there is nothing saying as much in the article about him signing a pro deal until 2024.

    Think its him vs McGrandles for a place on the bench come Leyton Orient, and to be honest Id give it to Karoy
    Thought Connor looked well when he came on and the weekend, i would say there is space for both or allow Anderson a short term loan and see how he gets on.
  • Been outstanding pre season, looked the part when he played in the cups last season, at Dartford was telling Dobbo who to pick up and where to put the ball, Henry was raved about and will make it somewhere, but this lad seems to have everything in the locker to build on. Get the pen and paper out sharpish. 
    Was this the feller who raved about Henry?

  • Very strong and impressive performance last night
  • @soapboxsam. Do you know much about his background, school, etc out of interest?
  • He has made a very strong claim for an immediate first team starter spot, either in midfield or up front .. he is now an integral part of what has become a good strong squad, though I would still like tosee us sign a more experienced and accomplished keeper
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  • Shouldn't be anywhere near being considered a starter, despite how impressive he's been in Pre-Season. 

    We get way too 'hyped' over every youngster that starts impressing, and bigging them up to much more than they are, and then get upset when they don't progress as much as we've decided they should do 
  • Swisdom said:
    I've been watching Karoy for a couple of years now and he always stands out.  His physicality is good as is his engine abnd he's got skills on both feet an a great range of passing.  He is always scanning so he knows what's going on but one thing that makes him stand out for me ishis ability to strike the ball with any part of his foot.  Its a tiny detail but one of the things that will make him a special player because he doesn't have to maniupulate the ball into the right position on his foot,  Instep, top of foot, outside of foot he can se them all.  In the game the professopnals refer to these sorts of players as the 2% ers.  They can react and move thst fraction quicker than most and that's what sets them apart.

    Karoy has something special
    Didn’t realise you had a lisp Swis. 
  • I understand the opinions that he should be broken in gently .. but take 2 examples of very successful teenagers .. the late & lamented Trevor Francis scored a hat trick for Brum (1st team) before he was 18, 15 goals from 22 games in his first season .. Norman Whiteside, an integral first teamer at Man U as a teenager .. both played in an era when players of any age were kicked from pillar to post with lenient refereeing punishing only the most serious cases of a b h
    If Holden goes to Karoy, puts his arm round his shoulders and says words to the effect 'you're gonna have to wait a while before you get a regular place', that could knock Karoy's confidence down a few pegs .. on the contrary he needs to be told he's ready to go in every game .. he's a big and confident young man, I'm sure he can hold his own amongst the L1, tough guys, we need his talent on the pitch, not back down with the kids
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    cafc999 said:
    Thought he was outstanding last night against such a strong line up
    He did, it was a mature performance, would you loan him out if you were Dean, or keep him around the squad, in case we get injuries, could he fill Pans boots if he’s off to Africa after Christmas, ie do a short term loan somewhere, then bring him back for cover.

    Agree about getting his contract sorted pdq.
  • He might be betterer than Bowyer! 
  • I like karoy reminds me a bit or Aribo when he came in to the squad. Certainly seen enough to justify keeping him here and letting him have a crack at breaking in to squad/first team and if he hasnt by Jan let him go on loan
  • I don't see Aribo in him so much. But I do see a player who is heading for the top.
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  • I’m not the decision will be much of a problem for long. This lad is class not a chance in hell he stays with us for long unfortunately 
  • Looks like he's a talented lad but playing him in  league games when he's on a one year contract is asking for trouble. Signing a one year contact with an optional second year has got to be the clubs minimum requirement of academy players before they're considered for selection in the league.
    In fairness he signed a 2.5 year pro deal when he turned 17, a sensible length at that age. He’s clearly developed well so is due a new deal, let’s hope it’s sorted sooner than later.
  • AndyG said:
    I’m not the decision will be much of a problem for long. This lad is class not a chance in hell he stays with us for long unfortunately 
    Probably true but he’s only just likely to be ready for league one this season. If and of course it’s a big if that Charlton get promoted this season then he can progress with us. Always the chance a PL team wants him of course but we might keep hold of him longer  than Burstow for example.
  • I was taken with him a couple of years back when I watched the youth finals. I love the way he seems to create his own time and space - he often receives the ball in really tight positions but somehow just about always gets clear, still in possession, to make a positive run or pass. A rare talent.
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