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CL Shirt Sponsorship 2010/11 **ed. We now sponsor Dailly, Reid, McCormack, Eccleston and JENKINSON

Hi Guys,

Yes it's back.

Last year the shirt sponsorship was a big success. We raised over £1200 for the Club, over 25 people won a prize of some sort and those lucky enough to go to the dinner with players had a great time.

So Curb-It and KBLittlesis are going, with a little help from me, to organise it again this year.

So in case you've forgotten or weren't around last year this is how it works.

Any CL member can put in £10 or upward in units of £10. With that we sponsor 1, 2, 3 or more shirts. Any money left over goes on prizes from the Club Superstore (remember the Gnome from last time).

At the end of the season all the names go into a hat, a public draw is held and 2 people for every shirt sponsored get to attend the Sponsors dinner at the Valley where the players and management are present, you have a meal with your player.

Someone also wins the actual signed shirts.

Some things to note.

We have to pay for the sponsorship upfront so you have to pass the money over to Curb-it or KBsLittlesis as soon as possible into the season. They can accept electronic money transfers but cash never offends.

Please DON'T pledge to pay unless you really intend to pay up. Chasing people for cash isn't nice for us or you and we will name and shame people.

This is open to any CL member regardless of where you live etc.

To kick things off we have decided to sponsor one of Christian Dailly's shirts. When we have raised enough for a second or third shirt you'll all have a chance to pick who'd you like to sponsor.

Want to get involved? Great then all you have to do is post your name and how much you want to pledge on this thread. The modest among you can whisper Curb-it or KBLittlesis and ask for bank details


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