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Varney taking Legal Action - Mail article



  • DOUCHER said:

    DOUCHER said:

    seth plum said:

    The reason I am unsettled by the Slade comment about foreign players delivering is that it feel like he is open to a continuation of the. 'foreign player, internet sourced and foisted on us' approach of this regime.

    I don't care what he says, including about Meire. The proof will be on the pitch, in all sorts of ways. I believe the Belgians will ultimately make it impossible for him to succeed, which is why I wouldn't give them an inch, but I won't contribute to undermining Slade - Duchatelet and Meire will do that.
    seems a

    Remember the context in which Meire's comments about prospective owners such as Varney wanting to move away from the Valley were made. They came during the Russell Slade press conference heralding his arrival. A smarter cookie would have evaded the question which led to it by saying something on the lines of: l'm only going to answer questions today about the appointment of Russell Slade as manager and what he is bringing to this football club.

    She effectively sabotaged the good work being done at the PC by Russell Slade who came across as an articulate and thinking football man.
    By sticking her oar in she opened old and new wounds in relation to her inability to appear in public whilst representing the club without somehow saying something controversial or antagonistic.

    How Roland Duchatelet cannot see the downside of continuing with her in post must count already as one of the mysteries of the early 21st century.

    Do you really think she didn't know what she was doing? The first piece of good news she has been able to deliver and off the back of it she has cast doubts over a viable alternative owner to add momentum. Seems pretty pre calculated to me, particularly now Varney's legal action has come to nothing.
    Sorry but I really do struggle to believe your claim that Meire is calculated in everything she says when the evidence points otherwise. When on the back foot she resorts to business gobbledi-gook or says anything which comes into her head. You only have to look at the interview where she was asked about the frequent change of managers where she responded by saying that each previous appointment had proved to be right.......this simply defied logic and left those asking the questions somewhat shell-shocked.

    Meire is clearly not a smart operator. Which other CEO could have embroiled themselves in so much controversy and alienated so much of their customer base that they have become a laughing stock and held up as an example of how not to run a football club. The only reason Meire was appointed and remains in post is Roland Duchatelet. I am surprised that there is anyone left to defend her appalling record here and her disrespect for the club and its fans other than RD, her closest employees and evidently yourself..

    I'm not defending her - she has become a joke - but I'm not silly enough to think it wasn't pre meditated.
    ok, but if it was pre-meditated (the moving ground thing) then maybe she was put up to it by Duchatelet - in fact I think I suggested this elsewhere on the basis that Duchatelet would view this as a way to get the regime back on side with the fans................ So, kind of going round in circles now. ..............not sure what to think.

    Just want her out so she doesn't continue to act out her delusion that she is some kind of God's gift to football administration to the obvious detriment of the club.
  • To summarise: Because Meire is in the habit of lying, no-one believes her. Because no-one believes her, no-one can suffer reputational damage. Because no-one can suffer reputational damage, she can lie with impunity for ever more. Bloody great that is!
  • If protests in the ground affected results then what Essex Al said would stand credence but on the evidence of last season it doesn't

    You'll be hard pushed to find better support than Pompey and with all the good will in the world it didn't stop their basket case of a club sliding down the tables

    If the new owners have had a "road to Damascus" moment with us , then we will at least get back to the level of mediocrity that we were at when this most pathetic of footballing experiments begun

    Forgive and forget may be the mantra of some of our support come a few decent results but until there is some genuine humility/apologies and acceptance by the powers that be at Charlton that they have royally fucked us up up until now then I believe we need rid of this disrespectful infestation of insulting ownership from our club .

    No matter what happens they have taken away from me times of joy that I would have experienced with my sons at Charlton and obviously that is my decision but as a man of principle I will not fund the owners experiment till I see some of the above (unless it's cheap! #disclaimer)

    I'd take poorer football with a humbler more respectful owner than better stuff under this experimental ownership and for me to be saying that would have been unthinkable a few years back , what a joke we have sadly become.

    Roland Out.

    I'll take another relegation should it read us of the poison that are the Belgians.
  • She is just another puppet to Duchatelet, only problem is this puppet likes all the shiny things her boss gives her for saying what he wants and doing what he wants.

    Powell refused to that and was sacked.
    Riga refused to do that and left.
    Bob refused to do that and was sacked.
    Luzon refused to do that and Dana... I still miss Dana.
    Fraeye offered to be their yes man and was just shit.
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Roland Out!