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Charlton v Bolton - Post Match Views

An honourable draw or a chance missed?


  • We have to wise up Bolton were filthy and the ref very weak. Parky why didn't you manage like that when you were with us.
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  • Beaten up by a very cynical team. Ref let Vela get away with murder.

    Midfield missing in action again. Can't remember us winning a second ball all afternoon. Foley is pointless and if he's still here Lookman has to be starting in front of him. Crofts back to constantly giving the ball away.

    Cracking finish from Lookman that has no doubt added 50k to his 11.59pm transfer.

    We were flat imo, was expecting more coming off back to back wins.

    Not a very good showing, but encouraging that we kept at it and got a point.
  • Take that draw all day long because we never looked like scoring.
    Bolton are a massive side and we struggled to cope with their physicality .
    Plus points - Solly looked excellent even in midfield and Konsa looked good.
    Minuses - The two upfront didn't click and Pearce looked very nervy .
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    Slade needs to explain why he did not replace Jacko with Lookman.

    RD's orders. Not until last 20 mins.

    EDIT: OK maybe 30!
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  • Is it off to Millers for a Harvey wallbanger now?
  • Thought we were pretty good against a very big and capable Bolton team. Passed well and didn't stop going for it till the final whistle. Holmes brilliant first half - scared the life out of them at times.
  • Great to see us equalise in the time they wasted. Shame we could not rub it in. Typical of their player to get injured when he was tackling from behind...justice done
  • Happy with that result. We've turned a bad start start to the season into a potentially promising one IMO. Still worried about our lack of midfield creativity and cover though.
  • I'm surprised. I thought we were shocking today lacked urgency which was frustrating for me. Also some of Russels swaps were bizarre. Holmes and Lookman are the only players who wanted to pressure Bolton.

    Was very happy with the point in the end. But overall disappointed, as Bolton wasn't that great and was there for the taking.
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    Predicted 1 - 1 before the game as so it turned up.

    Don't think a draw against the table toppers with an 100% record is too bad.

    Was in homebase so can't comment on the performance but crowd was low again . Under 9k home fans even on the official count so similar to Northampton or even less despite the two wins.
  • Excellent point in the end as certainly didn't deserve to lose that. Great to see Lookman get off the mark. Team spirit and a refusal to give up has got us this point, very encouraging signs and four games unbeaten.

    How the club has the front to announce 10,900 attendance is beyond belief.
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  • two points dropped. Why not bring on lookman? I was at the game and didn't notice hanlan come on let alone a missed header. I must have been looking at the cricket score
  • Happy enough with a point in the end. Thought we shaded the first half but the second half was poor until Lookman came on and shook us up a bit ( what was he doing sitting on the bench for an hour?). Some of the build up play was ok but the final ball was poor and I lost count of the times we couldn't get a decent cross in when we had the chance. Still to get something out of a game when you are below your best is a promising sign.
  • Team had a better balance after Bauer came on. Konsa continues to impress. Foley looked to have improved. First time I've seen Holmes and Lookman on pitch at same time. Good.
  • Not at the game but on paper the a was a tough test against one of the better sides in this division. Given the turnover of players and staff this summer, hopefully not yet complete, it was an even tougher proposition than it might have been.

    Later in the season I hope we have become good enough to dominate and win these 'big' games but it sounds like we held our own, showed fight and were worth our point.

    Taken in the context of our current circumstances, I'm happy with that.
  • I thought we had a good first half with Holmes playing in a central role just behind macguinness and Ajose, he was causing them all sorts of trouble and they could have had way more yellow cards.

    Odd substitution Bauer for JJ led to Solly playing in central midfield, konsa (who looked very to me he has bags of lace, looks comfortable on the ball, can pass, very impressed) as right back and Bauer as central defender.

    Foley was very very slow, Bauer's distribution was poor.

    In the second half the seemed to have got Holmes a bit more under control, didn't see who was at fault for letting them get to a scoring position so easily.

    We then looked very static for a period post there goal even when Lookman came on and I was reading Voice of the Valley for some of the second half rather than watching the football.

    I thought Hanlon did well in his cameo and had a couple of good touches where he came away with the ball and I had expected him to lose it, this was in the passage of play that led to Lookman scoring. I thought that sub was ok from Slade, Hanlan is a bit quicker than macguinness and the big man was starting to look a bit tired in what was quite a hot day.

    We were definitely good for a point and on a better day we would have won.

    Very thin midfield options. Foley is not quick enough or good enough if this showing was anything to go by. Crofts is ok but no more. Holmes is fantastic.
  • I thought Charlton were better for 3/4 of the match.Konsa is a pearl in defence.Solly as usual was solid,and Lookman showed quick feet and good movement.Ajose had a poor touch today and didn't do enough.Fox needs to do more i feel.Overall a decent performance from Charlton,although the squad seems a little thin.
  • Decent draw. Would've been gutted if we lost to them. Thought we were too slow in possession. When we did get rid, 3 or 4 players shadowed Holmes and done well to contain. Josh is a tank. Nicky feeding on scraps at the moment. Ade is a class above, and players struggle to tackle the boy! Delighted with the determination to get something out the game. This group seem to be an honest, hard working bunch, they just need a bit of help in creative terms.
  • Ajose's workrate is a disgrace
  • PWR

    Two home points dropped so it was a chite result even with a decent performance.
    I make it four home points dropped and one away point gained to be on a minimum total, ideally have extra points as a cushion to give confidence. In the end I remain very nervous of our chances this season with the kind of results we've been having.
    We didn't work the Bolton keeper hardly at all, they skimmed the bar, and scored from (I haven't seen it) either a foul in the build up or a Konsa mistake. having said that Josh nearly scored with a good downward header first half, and there were spells in the first half when we had them pinned back for long periods.
    Our first half dominance was due to Holmes being inside as the creative midfielder we have been hoping to sign. So far Ricky is the tricky winger, the set piece bloke, the creative central midfielder, and the forward who willingly tackles back, soon he will be the central defender and goalkeeper too.
    We were building a head of steam first half but Jacko going off led to a lot of adjustment. The changes were complex, but Bauer (who is not yet match fit at all) at least didn't bring on written instructions. It is credit to the players that they adjusted so well, and to Slade for creating the circumstances for it to happen. Last season Solly was the most reluctant midfielder ever, today he stepped up and played really well. Konsa having to adjust also played very well, I think Fox had a very good game, and it looks like Pearce will always produce a minimum of a consistent performance.
    Crofts is growing on me a bit, but I haven't assimilated Foley in my affections at all. Having said that, credit to Foley for having to be adaptable today.
    It isn't difficult to work out the Josh/Nicky partnership, which Bolton responded to well. Maginnis was a thorn in their side, but Ajose still isn't in the groove yet, and might have been out worst player although still made it to average in my book.
    Then there is Lookman who was our MOM even in a cameo. Essentially Bolton found him unplayable, and he rescued us when hope was running out. A very typical Lookman goal for those who are familiar with him from the youth and U21's. Lovely low long range shot arrowed inside the post from a decision taken quickly.
    I started by saying it was two points dropped whether we deserved it or not. The worry is that Holmes is the much waited for creative central midfield player and we won't sign one, and that Roland is salivating about selling Lookman in the few remaining days of the transfer window.
    The squad is not strong enough to withstand the rigours of the season and it is now urgent that we get some credible players in.
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