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Which Steak .......Advice please

I'm being taken out to Gauchos for a boozy lunch and will likely have a steak. I don't eat steak often these days so would welcome some perspectives 

AN Other

Which steak , how would you have it cooked,  and the reasons(s) thereof


  • Fillet always the best for me, medium as I like it pink but not quite bloody. Can be a bit pricey in a decent establishment so if you don't want to take the piss, Ribeye always my second choice as I just find it so much tastier than a sirloin. 
  • I've never eaten at Gauchos but my favourite steak is a well aged medium rare rib-eye so I'd give that a go.
  • Don’t like it bloody - normally go medium or medium/well if it’s a quality establishment where it will never be tough.

    Sirloin for me.

    Like those pasty things (empanadas?) they do for starters. Chicken / chorizo and beef are decent.
  • I like a well done rump.
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    But as regards steak would go for medium rare sirloin. A bit more chew than fillet.
  • Fillet . Medium Rare 
  • I like a well done rump.
    Might aswell get a burger. 
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  • Fillet. Rare.
    Or Rib-eye or sirloin, medium-rare.
    Rump... chuck it in mince with a couple of other fatter cuts and make a burger.
    Spiral? No idea what that is.
    Other - T-bone - rare
    Tomahawk - as long as you're not paying... 
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    Ribeye steak, medium rare with garlic butter
  • Carter said:
    I'd always been a rare man until a steak genius told me about the different cuts and how they are cooked to taste their best

    Rib eye should be medium, the fat needs to cook through and soften, if its good rib eye it will stand up to it and the place you are going to should have good quality meat. 

    Fillet is a gorgeous texture and medium rare is the way to go with that the only thing I find with fillet is it doesn't have the flavour of rib eye and needs a good flavoured butter or sauce to spice it up. Either way, Gauchos is a fun place to eat and get pissed if someone else is paying and from the singular time I've been there it was full of people smashing the granny out of their corporate cards 
    Steak genius ……Oli?
  • If you being taken out have the most expensive, done medium rare.
  • Fillet . Medium Rare 
    Exactly this and what I always order in Hawksmoor! Mmmmmmmmm
  • Medium to well Sirloin or a nice Tbone cooked the same.
  • T bone.... Medium rare
  • Medium-rare rib eye. Has the best flavour 
  • rib eye; charred on the outside and medium to medium well inside i.e. tasty outside and cooked through
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    AN Other - Tartare, with a raw egg yolk running through it and some capers on the side.
  • Another one for fillet. Medium rare.
  • Waiter……....”How would you like your steak Sir?”

    Customer…..”Leave the horns on and wipe its arse”.
  • Fillet is boring. A medium ribeye is the way forward - no sauces needed, although I won’t say no to some chimmichurri. 
  • Jints said:
    Rib eye. Medium rare. Fillet is boring, no fat 
  • I went to Gouchos once.
    Much to my surprise they presented the raw steak to me for approval before it was cooked. 
    I've never experienced that before or since. 
  • Gauchos used to do a platter of mixed stakes, like a taster I guess, not cheap but if they still do it I would go for that. Falling that Rib eye has most flavour imho.done medium because of the fat element.
  • My good friend Mario ... one-time Press Officer at Chievo Verona ... told a fine joke in English:

    "Waiter ... get me a bloody steak."

    "Certainly, Sir.  And would you like fucking chips with it?"
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    Ribeye, medium the tastiest steak you’ll ever have so no sauces etc to spoil it and whether it’s an expensive or pretentious restaurant or not eat it with chips and some peas to complement the flavour. You won’t want to eat any other cut of steak after that. If the menu only offers it (or any other steak) with a sauce, ask for it without the sauce and if they can’t do that, find another restaurant. 
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