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POST-MATCH THREAD: Wigan Athletic vs Charlton Athletic | Saturday 12th February - 3pm KO

I’ll keep this simple.

First half.
Lots of injuries and forced changes.
We started brightly and went ahead.
We strike the crossbar.
Wigan frustrated and pressured the officials.
A stupid, soft foul resulted in a penalty. 
Wigan equalised. 
Grating goal music.

Second half.
We took some time to get going.
We never actually got going again.
Wigan sub comes on.
Wigan fashion a few opportunities that McGuiness fails to capitalise on.
We gift Wigan a corner through poor defending.
Wigan’s lump of a sub scores.
We don’t mount much resistance.
Kanu makes his senior debut.

Wigan 2 Charlton 1

Over to you.


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    We’re capable of playing really well going forward, but always have a mistake or lapse in judgment at the back.
    Whilst we’re capable of quality, we’re frustratingly inconsistent.
    Poor teams can beat us.
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    Started well scored a decent goal, then went to shit and never recovered.
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    A genuine question rather than a snarky comment: how does the comp work with JJs contract, if he was paid off before the season ends would he be owed what was due until the extension kicks in, or until the end of the contract?
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    So despertely dull I kept drifting away from the action it was such a boring game. We are a very grey mediocre side. Just want to finish the season still in League 1. Don't want an exciting relegation battle.
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    Jackson not good enough subs to late again and 6 or 7 of that starting team are so bad football players we are a bad side
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    Scoham said:
    Can we end the season now?
    Think the players already have done
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    PV CEO
    Curbs or Lennie DOF
    Simples :)
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    Painful to say that I never expect us to not get bat even after going 1-0 up. Bench was non existent with those injuries.

    Two tough away matches against two good sides and we’ve ended up with 0 points. Jacko and TS need to review these two matches as you need to win these types of games if you are serious about top two and promotion.

    Sooner this season is over the better.
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    Going to a slog for the final few months. Roll on next season 
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    Losing 3 strikers and our new midfielder is going to make things difficult, but, much to everyone's surprise, we took the lead and then hit the crossbar, so I was thinking perhaps we can win this one......and then we just run out of ideas, steam and footballing nounce!
    Set piece defending is absolutely shit! The second half was just pathetic...League 1 again next season, oh deep fucking joy.....NOT!
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    14th. We are an embarrassment
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    Just end it now. If we were a dog you'd put it down.
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