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NEW CL......questions, fixes and suggestions

minor query: Can you put the clock/time 5 hours forward ?  Thanks.


  • Cant find the winding arm
  • How do you quote still?
  • inbox seems to be the new whisper but will there be a way to select names from a menu.
  • quoting not operational yet.

    should be better suited for smartphones. Noticed an issue already where on an existing thread if i want to add a comment, my keyboard doesn't appear. Please list all similar issues here.

    Whispers have been replaced by personal mailboxes (with previous whispers added to them). Unlike whispers, you can now message multiple users with the same conversation.

    Clock will be amended.

    I'm compiling a list of all the fixes that need to be made, so please leave them here, or message me. Please feel free to message me to try out the inbox.

    If you are reading this but can't post for whatever reason, please email me at [email protected]

  • Can't seem to paste links (on my iPhone)
  • "Unlike whispers, you can now message multiple users with the same conversation"



  • Great work AFKA - really well done. Very much appreciate your efforts.

    Would it be possible to highlight members who at any given time are in 'the' clique.?
    It would make things so much easier for us nomads on the periphery.
  • @ PL54

    love it - haha

  • @ PL54

    They've been doing that for ages, it's called Bromley Addicks.

  • Is the view on iPhone temporary? Or is it an iPhone skin? Haven't viewed it on a computer yet so I don't know if it's like this on there too.
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  • Is there anyway to get to the last post in a thread? Unless I've missed it, sometimes I don't want to wade through 300 posts.
  • Possibly what Rothko means - if you just open and read a thread, but don't post a comment, then it doesn't seem to recognise that you have looked at it and still shows xx new comments. If you open it again, it takes you back to that point.
  • Also just entered the cricket thread for the first time and can't jump to the last post
  • edited May 2011
    How do you un-dismiss a thread?
  • edited May 2011

    i struggled to post from my blackberry first thing this morning .....

    it wouldn't give me the comment box in full and only let me do a few words before just stopping dead


    posting from laptop now

  • will posts be numbered again, so you know which one you last read ?
  • Weegie, either they've fixed that already, or it depends on how you're geting back to the discussion list. If you just use the back button on your browser, it still shows the old count, but if you click on "back to discussions" at the bottom of the thread, then it refreshes the discussion page with the new count.
  • Thanks, aliwibble - that works.  Now to change the habit of a lifetime on CL!
  • Any way of searching for a user? Hope I'm not being really blind.
  • all points being noted.

    @Stu - Search facilty still to be addded

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  • Can we have an option for threads to automatically refresh? Not the entire page, but so new posts appear. Could be good in things like match threads or when new signings are announced.
  • edited May 2011

    really love what you guys do, so thanks for putting in so much work.

    one minor thing, any way you can reduce the left column in size/font a bit, particularly on the front page view, so it looks a bit more like the last version of CL?


    Thanks again



  • @ Scoham, surely if all the threads are going to refresh the page might as well, F5!
  • Where is the boo button? I want to be negative much faster. 
  • I can't click on the links, newshopper etc. Is it me ?
  • I wonder if I can finally attach a picture?
  • Am I being stupid or can you not quote anymore?

    Great work guys, new skin looks awesome, I'm liking the more minimalistic look...
  • @allez - only stupidity is not taking any notice of me saying above 'quoting not operational yet'. But i let you off as nobody ever takes any notice of what i say !

    @Granpa - links also not working yet

  • Am I allowed to press " F5 " yet ?

  • for some reason i keep pressing "back to discussions" instead of "post comment"

    when trying to post a comment

    is it just me or anyone else having this problem of old age and stupidness


    unreal i did it for this the first time i wrote it !!!!

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