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Charlton v Bury Post-Match Views

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A couple of points dropped, but got to feel good about a last minute equaliser.

Post-match views below.


  • Two points dropped by SW as well...

  • 65% possession and 21 goal attempts, would suggest one of those games and delighted with a point in the end
  • 21 shots at goal before that equaliser went in.
  • Looking more and more like Norwich two years ago
  • Love it, nice not to be on the receiving end.
  • I say start Haynes next game he looks good. Hard fought point in the end.. ten points clear of second and closer to the target.

    Contender for Goal of the season.

    However, 3 goals in 3 games scored and all long range strikes...
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    Off topic, but incredibly in the 1-1 Franchise v Wendy game ...... neither team managed a shot on target !!

  • I meant 4 in 4!
  • Plenty of fight tonight ... And Powell trying to mix it up... Trying to solve the lack of goals ...
  • happy with draw in end
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  • Great to have Stephens back, a point is fine with me.
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    Agreed Mascot , The defence and midfield are still producing the goods but Powelly knows that the forwards have not been delivering goals for a good few games now. Hope BWP comes back fresh on Saturday.
  • happy with draw in end
    Bet your boxing pal Ain't ... ;)
  • Very frustrating not to win but still a good point.

    No easy games and cant win every one but dont seem to lose many.

    Great to see Stephens back....maybe God forbid CP knows what he's doing.

  • Mascot88 he has only himself to blame ,i said i fancied us but told him that its a stupid bet with the odds
  • There are games when the ball just won't go in, and this sounded like one of those games. With 21 shots and their goalie making some good saves we did well to get the draw. Also it might give CP food for thought for the Rochdale game as they beat Bury 3-0 last Saturday.
  • Pretty lacking performance. Mystified as to why Clarke started ahead of Haynes. If we can play that badly and get a point I have no doubt we are going up.
  • It's not the first slightly frustrating draw we've had this season, and it probably won't be the last.

    We've got to be pleased with a 93rd minute equaliser and that 10 point gap looks rather nice doesn't it..?

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    Horrible performance.

    Don't be fooled by the stats, their keeper only made two real saves of note from Green and Clarke that i can remember. That being said, we got in the right positions more often than not but nothing was falling for us in the box.

    Nobody could control the ball all night other than Wiggins who was two classes above everyone else.

    Clarke got scapegoated by the crowd but I didn't think he was awful, he really needed to score in the first half though.

    Decent point considering the way the match panned out - Bury played positively on the counter to be fair, surprised me a little.

    Another point in the bag.
  • People I have spoken to at the game don't believe the stats on attempts on goal not the offs or on Target stat

    Only heard it on the radio but it did seem we were the only team in it, a poor goal to concede a pen not given 2 godod saves according to Euell first half, bad misses 2nd from jacko and dale

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  • Clarke was truly awful. Saw one good touch from him all game. Green not far behind. Wiggins seemed to go past their right back and right midfielder at will. Haynes changed the game when he came on. Happy with a draw at the end. Performance wasn't particularly worrying, it was just a bit rubbish.
  • Mascot88 he has only himself to blame ,i said i fancied us but told him that its a stupid bet with the odds
    Of course mate ... Just taking the mick a bit ...
  • mascot88 he has some absurd bets,i shudder when he tells me has lost on some random french rugby game
  • mascot88 he has some absurd bets,i shudder when he tells me has lost on some random french rugby game
    Sounds like a nutcase ...

  • Is he well Minted nolly or is the fella betting what he wins
  • Very poor performance... Highlights:
    Haynes looked very lively, Chris Solly is fucking quality, Kermit wins everything once again, Wiggy is another class... Messi-esque runs, walked past players at will.

    Missed Pritchard's energy in midfield big time and clarke was useless. Green very poor and Hollands quiet all game
  • his not minted but he does win a fair bit he has been doing well in african nations games i did say they might put a perform after their derby loss sat but also did say i fancied us big time
  • Amazing how different the game sounds on the radio
  • Definately one point gained. First 70 minutes was a struggle. Last twenty was like a different side. We created chance after chance. Wiggins was our best player and clarke the worst.
  • Two great chances spurned by Clarke and Taylor. Many half chances that didn't just fall right. Then a great finish by Stephens. One of those games when all performed a few percent lower than they have played all season. Wiggins MoM. Haynes looked lively, Clarke didn't recover from missing the early chance.
    Bury's front two looked decent and they played some neat stuff but we seemed to drop to their level after the first twenty minutes.
    Still, we seem to be 'doing a Norwich' of two seasons ago. Winning and drawing by narrow margins with some late goals.
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