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Burton v Charlton Post Match Views

Always nice to win comfortably away from home

Neither Burton or Dorothy Perkins will be happy tonight... Over to you


  • Get in you beauties!
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    never in doubt

  • River Ireland’s happy though
  • My old mum said, on her deathbed...

    Charlton will come good.
  • Very good results after being under pressure to most of the game by the sounds of it. Required after most of our rivals won (bar Barnsley) - Luton are scoring for fun at the moment
  • Should be a real confidence booster. 4 on the bounce and last minute. Big games v Blackpool and Pompey away up next.
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  • Think ajose won it for us
  • Super chuffed. Thought this was a draw at best.

    We are great under the cosh. Bowyer sets a team up in his own image. Work harder.

    Just need to learn to dominate teams we outclass technically .

    Roland's first promotion (Belgium does not count, it matters not) on the day he snuffs it. Karma police

  • How many times have we seen us dominate teams only to be caught by a sucker punch. It was own turn to pick a pocket or two tonight. Not pretty to watch but ultimately worth the €6 :smiley:
  • 2 wins on the bounce what's not to like?
  • 6 points off top two. In LB we trust!
  • _MrDick said:

    How many times have we seen us dominate teams only to be caught by a sucker punch. It was own turn to pick a pocket or two tonight. Not pretty to watch but ultimately worth the €6 :smiley:

  • Needed that we have two tough games after Donny cup tie, Portsmouth and Blackpool it will show if we are serious promotion contentders.
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  • 4 on the spin now.

    Burton is the sort of place aspirants for promotion win at.

    Still early days but hope is stirring
  • Great to win at anytime but it’s becoming a concern that we are not playing at all well. Need to start showing some playing form.
  • The moral of that story is you win by scoring more goals - we were shite.. honestly think Ajose deserves a spot on the wing the way some of the others are playing
  • We were hopeless and won how poor is this league.

    Some very poor individual performances tonight but we still take home 3 points. Also some good individual performances Steer, Baur, Pearce and Sarr in particular.
  • Really poor for most of the game and created virtually nothing. Our defence was excellent, Steer in particular. The midfield without Cullen looks poor, although Ward is a real asset.
  • I missed loads of the game cooking and helping my gf with an application so I'll make some points about the players here instead:

    Referee: seemed to do pretty well, although their penalty was apparently dubious?

    Steer: indisputably the number 1 at this point
    Solly: not good from him I thought, constantly letting his man inside, didn't seem right
    Bauer: solid
    Pearce: solid and DEADLY!
    Sarr: seemed to be doing well, gutted I missed The Tackle, hoping it gets gif'd on here later
    Lapslie: I mean the Spongefoot accusation is probably unfair as he's still very young, but I have noticed that his finishing often lacks conviction. Still, not a bad main problem for a CM to have, and he brought the energy
    Bielik: shouldn't play alongside Lapslie, doesn't have the natural movements or instincts of a CM even if he has the technical ability and physical aptitude
    Aribo: seemed fairly anonymous, usually the link man in our breaks - we didn't break much
    Fosu: one of his 'not a footballer' days
    Taylor: one of his 'not our best footballer' days
    Grant: our best outlet and did well, although too frequently offside

    Ward: nippy
    Marshall: hilariously bad
    Dijksteel: lanky
  • Watched on iFollow. Did we even touch the ball in the first 10 minutes!? They had 57% possession and 16 corners to our 2! But for all that possession they really weren't that effective. Their corners were terrible but Ward's for the goal was excellent. Thought both Solly and the Nabster had great games. Bielik OK and George ran his socks off again. Fosu tried hard and Aribo did some good defending as well as attacking. Front two didn't get too much service... but we won and go home with all 3 points so, in the end, all good.
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