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Are We Getting Promoted This Season?

Yes or no, and why / why not?


  • Dunno. But no reason why not - or at least the playoffs.

    Though it depends how much we want it.

    And the right team selections. Plus a bit of luck - that always comes in handy.

  • It is entirely possible.
  • Our squad is good enough in a shite league but I would say our chances are about 35%.
  • Feels like we’re cutting our losses for the season with JW on his way.
  • Yes, we’ll finish 2nd.

    once we get our defence back we’ll be a completely different team
  • No - you’re shit.

  • No......because we are not good enough. The attack has been strengthen with the introduction of Millar but we still don't shoot enough or clinical enough in front of goal. Midfield can be slow & ponderous.....with too much backwards & sideways passing. 
  • Can’t see it myself, not even sure we will make the play offs.
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  • Not impossible, but probably not, as to me there are better teams in this division
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    No, because we've not been good enough al season.

    Might end up being a case of too little too late.
  • Poor first half of the season. Points wise, going to have to go on a heck of a winning run from now on, not impossible, but very hard.
  • Yes, we’ll finish 2nd.

    once we get our defence back we’ll be a completely different team
    Agree. With a solid defence and recent signings we are a stronger side than that that started this season.

    Not the end of the world if we don't go up this year as it's all about rebuilding.

    We may well do though.
  • Lose in the playoffs 
  • No , just not good enough 
  • I think we’ll just miss out on autos and lose in the playoff’s, ironically to Sunderland.

    I think we’re about to start a decent run to the end of the season 
  • Yes, through the play offs.  Making bloody hard work of it though. 
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  • Don't reckon so but i'm happy as long as we give it a go next season again
  • It's a no from me .... We would have to see a big shift in several departments on the pitch for it to happen, but if Innis came back and Famewo got a decent partnership going... hmmm... I give us 25% chance ... and that's generous. 

  • Can see us sneaking into play offs ... it'll take a long winning streak as all those around have played less ... Can see a Sunderland final on the horizon. 
  • No, we still don't know our first 11 side is far too unsettled. I think we might make the play offs if Innis and Famewo come back and stay fit. 
  • If we don’t at least make the playoffs it will be a big disappointment. What happens after that, if we get there, hard to say. 
  • I think they've accepted we aren't. Which is why we're already trimming the squad down in preparation for next season. 
  • A few thinking of another Sunderland final. I can’t see both us and Sunderland making top 6 this year considering how other teams are playing around us. Think one of us will have to miss out on top 6 this year. 
  • No, 8th or 9th
  • its not impossible but it will be very hard
  • No, think we will finish 9th or 10th. 
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