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Charlton Athletic v Accrington Stanley | Tues 19 October | Match Preview, Predictions, News & Views

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Charlton Athletic v Accrington Stanley
Tuesday 19 October | Kick-Off: 19:45
Live on Valley Pass

Referee: Sam Allison - Previously officiated a Charlton match away at Wigan back in March where the Addicks came out victorious, 0-1

No identity. No structure or game plan with and without the ball. No clue. And that's just some of the things said about us by opposition supporters. Charlton's season for any kind of success, as has been so accurately said elsewhere, is dead in the water. More than a quarter of the season has passed and it's quite clear the longer this situation continues, the higher the chances are that we will indeed get out of League One, just falling through the dreaded trap door instead. As I write this, Adkins remains in charge. It seems as though our owner, who did unbelievably well to save us a year ago, is burying his head in the sand. As a whole, it's not like this group of players can't do it or get results, much of the team just missed out on the play-offs last season, others have played regularly at a higher level. But 20 minute spells or a good half here and there is not enough. We need to put it together consistently, and we have to do that now. In contrast, our opposition on Tuesday evening have an identity. They know their jobs on the pitch with and without the ball, and they have idea of how to play the game. For the famous saying, "who are they?", it's now very much, "who are we?". Up next you know exactly who it is, Accrington Stanley travel to The Valley.

Manager: John Coleman | Stadium: Crown Ground
League Position: 13th | Nickname(s): Stanley, Accy, The 'Owd Reds

Accrington Stanley travelled to Cheltenham Town on Saturday, losing 1-0, their line up was:

Sykes | Nottingham | Amankwah
McConville | Conneely | Morgan | Hamilton
Butcher | Pell

One notable absentee from the Stanley squad is Dion Charles. The striker was prolific last season in his partnership with Colby Bishop, but he's currently in the midst of a stand-off with the club around his future. With his contract expiring in the summer of 2022, Stanley feel they deserve the right value for him, whilst Charles feels his career has been stagnated by not securing a move away. All of this is going on whilst results of late have slipped, they've been poor. Stanley's only wins this season have come against sides who are below them in the table, notably 3 of them against the other clubs who make up the relegation zone...

As we saw live on Sky Sports the last time Accy played in SE7, they can be a good footballing team, especially with the influence of Nottingham bringing the ball out of defence. They're a big side too and will make it tough for us, not giving us a moment's peace to settle on the ball. They'll get in our faces, make it difficult, and will look to pick up the second balls. Here, they'll give themselves a platform to go and play. It's going to be a challenge and if I were to pick a fixture at home after a poor performance and result on the road, this would be low down on my list.

Charlton Team News
We are likely to see a few enforced changes to the side who started the last two league fixtures. Elliot Lee came off in the first half ill on Saturday so could miss out. Harry Arter came off with a hamstring complaint so is likely to be in the stands, and Akin Famewo has a calf issue that could force him out too.

As Stanley are a big side who will play 3 at the back, I would've anticipated us to match them up. However, if Famewo misses out that is unlikely to happen. I am expecting a few changes, even though Adkins has said he'd like to keep a settled side - picking the team for this is still anyone's guess. For example, Stockley will be hoping to get his first start in the league for a few weeks, Purrington could come in for Souaré, whilst Blackett-Taylor and Washington will be pushing to be involved too. 

As clean sheets are extremely hard to come by this season, we've put ourselves in a position where we have to score at least 2 goals a game to give ourselves a chance. This has to stop. In a game that's going to be a battle, I think we'll see as many experienced heads on the pitch as possible.

Subs: Henderson, Souaré, Dobson, Clare, Jaiyesimi, Washington, Davison

Charlton fans will turn up and give it their all in the hope that we can somehow push the team on to victory under the lights. Whether that pushes the players on and transpires into 3 points and a good performance, we will find out at 21:45.

Charlton Athletic 1-1 Accrington Stanley


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    Great preview and I would go with that team as well.
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    edited October 2021
    I will be tuning in, but can’t see how in the space of two days we will all of sudden look like we know what we are doing with the ball.

    You are completely spot on by lack of identity. We seem to be able to press a team well for about 10/15 minutes and occasionally if we play through the lines and get Leko running at defenders we seem dangerous. 

    However those moments are so few and far between. I don’t watch enough football outside of Charlton to make a judgment on it, but it feels like we are the only team who have no idea where its team mates are. 

    Not only does the passing from the back and getting stuck in corners show this, but also when the ball is in the air it always feels like opposition defenders or midfielders not only win it but also manage to direct it towards and player in space we rarely ever do this.

    And to be honest both those things feel like they’ve been going on long before Adkins as well.
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    Great preview as always @Sage mate... Not easy writing them when we're in this form.

    Worth remembering that its unlikely that Accrington will be here to 100% focus on the Football come Tuesday night... Its not pretty to watch, but it works for them, Sam Morsy for Ipswich bemoaned their style of time wasting when Ipswich played them recently and fully expect the same this coming midweek.

    If I was John Coleman I would encourage it even more, there is going to be very little fluidity to this game, and can see Accrington doing more than usual to try and frustrate our fans and so make the players even more nervous than usual.

    Its one reason why I'm never a fan of the negativity from the stands during a game (although can understand it), as think it only serves two things: (1) to make yourself feel better (2) to help the opposition

    Teams know this at the moment

    If I was an opposing Manager I'd be trying anything to create unrest amongs the Charlton fans.

    Accrington will do it very well, none of our games against them have been remotely entertaining!!
    Excellent point.
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    Nil points for Nigel
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    edited October 2021
    2-1 to Accrington.

    Adkins puts Pearce and Watson back in and waffles on about experience in his pre match interview. Starting XI heavily criticised across all social media platforms and at the game.

    We go 1-0 up early on, TS tweets “Boom 💥 great start lads”.

    Accrington equalise through our former academy player Harry Pell.

    They get a winner midway through the second half and the atmosphere and social media turns (even more) toxic.

    Adkins somehow survives until Sunday in time for Sunderland to do a Bolton on us. TS eventually sacks Adkins due to fan pressure.
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    edited October 2021
    Still totally mystified as to why Dobson is not playing.  Adkins was part of the recruitment ream that signed him. By all accounts played well in the 2 jpt games. 

    So much wrong with my club,  so so depressing.  Actually dreading Tuesday night.  Will be there, but no longer in expectation.
    Whatever the result the game will be really dower, Accrington will set out to make it so and sadly I for-see we won’t be able to cope with their objective.☹️
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    Routine home defeat.

    Nigel seen leaving the Valley dressed as Blue Tit.

    TS still in the directors box at midnight engrossed in Bert Weedon's book, How To Learn How To play The Guitar In One Week.

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    Will be going to the match but finding it hard to drum up any real enthusiasm. Can’t see anything other than a draw - other teams have us sussed out. Another defeat would be absolute disaster. 
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    Adkins in charge - lose 0-2.
    Adkins not in charge - win 3-1.
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    BFG94 said:
    Will be going to the match but finding it hard to drum up any real enthusiasm. Can’t see anything other than a draw - other teams have us sussed out. Another defeat would be absolute disaster. 
    At least the 40 Accrington fans will go home happy.
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    If we play well we can hold Accrington to 2-1 No harm in being optimistic.
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    It's a tough one playing these top teams.  I just hope we can step up and prove ourselves good enough for the 3rd division.

    Hopefully they'll play the latest single.
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    Will take a bore draw to stop the rot. Anything to stop the rot really. A defeat and the abuse aimed at Adkins will make for very uncomfortable viewing. Glad im at work and cant make the game.
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    I'll be there, on the train from Manchester, three and a quarter hours journey as I'm a skinflint, so could get this journey via Welsh railways and London North Western for £23 return. Was at Fleetwood and Lincoln, one a half decent performance, the other utter dogshite. I'll still support the team, because that's how I am. I wont boo no matter what the score is. I'll continue to show the players that they have my support.
    The manager is hanging on by his fingernails and I wouldn't be surprised if he is sacked. I feel sorry for Thomas in some ways, clearly something has gone wrong. Whether that is through the appoint of Ged Roddy who advised him poorly, or Nigel Adkins who is not the manager that he was once was, god only knows. But they are my team, unlucky just from where I was born I guess, and they will continue to be my team.
    What will happen for the rest of the season? Again I haven't a clue, but on the downward spiral things are not looking good. Players are nervous, lack of movement, intensity, even still looking less fit than the opposition I'm pessimistic for the Accrington game. I still want to see the 4-4-2 formation, as it is simple for players to understand, and every player understands the structure of the team. I'm still of the opinion that it's better to have a team to support than no team at all.
    I've waffled on, but my point is that I am a Charlton fan, I always will be, no matter what. If relegation happens, it will be a kick to the guts, but I will still be a Charlton fan and I will still have games to watch, to cheer on my team, looking for brighter days ahead!
    Expecting to struggle against Accrington is pretty bad - never thought it would get to this. 
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    That team sums up the problems, look at the group of front players, Lee, Corey Blackett Taylor, Leko and Stockley. This leaves Gilbey and Watson exposed and over run as there is not a cover from the forward group. If you are an opposing manager you would tell your players to work the space wide of Gilbey and Watson. Football is a simple game but is sometimes over complicated by fools. No offence to you Sage as your team is a reflection of the system Adkins has used most of the season, if he persists then we will lose more than win and the Accrington game will be another sad addition to the losses.
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    This Stanley bloke will camp on his 18yrd line and look to frustrate our talented bunch, and then just when Nigel thinks his incredible master plan has worked, we'll be unluckily done on the  break, 0-1 and Stanley heads home in a cab for a late supper. 
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    They beat us 2-0 at the Valley last season and we were dreadful so I imagine they will be confident...
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    I think we need  not to lose this so would match Accy up:
    Henderson ( MacGillvray is a liability)
    Elewere Lavelle Pearce
    Gunter Watson Gilbey Purrington
    Leko Lee ( or Washington)

    We may be able to keep them out and get a draw
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    edited October 2021
    Really want to see: 
    1. Elerewe given his chance. Lavelle & Famewo simply aren't working as a unit.
    2. Individual quality of all of our midfielders is questionable so we simply must have more strength in numbers in central midfield (Gilbey, [Arter or Dobson or Watson], Morgan), needed to enable us to keep the ball better, give the defence better protection and more options playing out. 

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    Starting to feel apathetic. 

    Adkins is somehow still here, despite the massive regression in the performance after the int'l break. 

    The players will continue to show their own plan B of hit it long and we'll lose 2-1.
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