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Post-match Thread: Charlton Athletic vs Doncaster Rovers | Saturday 30th October 2021

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An emphatic four goals and a clean sheet win for Johnnie Jackson’s Addicks! And, as it stands, we’re out of the relegation places. We’re certainly moving in the right direction and this result won’t do anything but add to our momentum.

To a man, the Addicks won their battles all over the pitch, harrying and harassing Doncaster when not in possession, and moving quickly forward when they had the ball. Lee and Gilbey were relentless in the centre of midfield and Washington ran his socks off harassing their back line. Leko looked threatening as usual, but unfortunately he went off early with an injury. He was replaced by DJ, who slotted in seamlessly, as the team kept its shape and purpose. 

Lee got us off the mark with a well taken free kick that eluded everyone and found the back of the net. 

Washington won and converted a penalty.

Stockley scored from a corner when the keeper parried into his path.

Purrington redeemed his attacking efforts with a header at the back post.

Pearce and Famewo were solid at the back. 

Special mention to George Dobson who martialled the midfield and ran himself into the ground. He was everywhere breaking up play and turning defence into attack.

Dobbo, Pearce, MacGillivray, and Euelly rewarded the fans, who were superb throughout, with the tunnel jump.

Jacko’s Charlton is doing a world of good for my mental health! 

Charlton 4 Doncaster 0



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    Lisbon’s brilliant on CharltonTV. We’ve got some amazing football people associated with this club.
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    Typical , woke up this AM, feeling like shite, went back to bed at 11. Woke up to a 4-0 win. 
    Thought the meds had messed with my head. 
    Still now looking forward to Tuesday with relish. Great Win!! COYRs
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    Talal said:
    Dobson quality again. Hard to see why he was frozen out before. 
    Because the birds were singing.

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    What a difference to how we played under Adkins. Give the job to Jacko permanently now. 
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    Give him the job full time.
    Let's do a 'Walsall' - sailing up the league.
    Tuesday looks like being a cracker.
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    LoOkOuT said:
    Lisbon’s brilliant on CharltonTV. We’ve got some amazing football people associated with this club.
    What's he saying @LoOkOuT?
    Well that is a nice way to go into Saturday evening. Looking forward to seeing us on Quest tonight, but for now, off to the match thread, having avoided anything football related since kick-off.
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    edited October 2021
    ozaddick said:
    That was comfortable, I'm pleased for @happyvalley
    Comfortable home win 4-0 

    That's twice in he's been right now. :smiley:

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