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Charlton v Norwich Post Match Views

it's the hope that gets you, so do tell us what it was like


  • You just new they would get the winner
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    What the Fook do they do in training?
    Why only start with one up front at home?
    Don't play Gudmundsson on the right anymore.
  • After being told we were getting a manager whose teams generally don't concede that many goals, to concede 6 stupid, preventable ones in our last 2 matches is unacceptable.

    Still some positives by the sounds of things. Tony Watt must start as many matches as possible now. We look so much more dangerous when he is around.
  • Based on the first 60mins they deserved the win yet the difference in squads definifely played a factor... on the basis of the last 30mins we deserved a draw but you dont deserve anything in Football its what you do that matters.

    Luzon credit to him made some good substitutions (we were far too narrow in the first half) and was brave taking Jackson off.

    Positives were that Watt and Vetokele seemed to link up well and a goal for the latter should hopefully boost his confidence.
  • Can we get a marking coach in the loan window? 3 From 22nd. Getting really worried
  • Tony Watt. Very good player.

    I don't want to talk about the rest.
  • Terrible, woeful, diabolical etc etc in the first half. Decent twenty minutes in the second, but as soon as Watt failed to find Igor you knew what was coming. JBG had his worst game for us.
  • First half performance was abysmal - Luzon doesn't have a clue - endless long balls up to Vetokele - couldn't string 2 passes together. Why didn't Watt start? Bulot was awful and so was Buyens. Soft goals conceded and not one shot in first half. WTF has happened to our club???
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  • We're going down
  • And I've got a non-going Newcastle supporter at work who's complaining they're 'only' getting 47,000. Depressed. Bloody well depressed. Bloody, and excuse my language, but bloody, effing, bloody depressed. Jesus.
  • Love Vetokele an assist and a goal marked 5 seems legit...
  • First half was the worst I've seen for quite some time, no fight, no class, no pace, no nothing. We get a throw in and we're stationery, no one wants the ball - Norwich were the opposite.

    Second half we pulled back two goals without ever looking like the better side, Watt livened thing up and putting Cousins in the centre gave us more urgency and pace where previously Buyens and Jackson were just sitting.

    In the second half they were still creating chances and finally took one to kill us off. They could bring Hoolahan and Jerome off the bench - we had Lepoint sitting there!

    Lots of poor performances, I thought Buyens and Bikey were the worst, just going through the motions, Bikey kept throwing his arms up in the air in despair! No where near a 'beast'!

    This is going to be a long end to the season...
  • Showed real fight to get back in it but ultimately another defeat and the gap to the bottom gets ever smaller. Norwich could have been 4 up before Watt and Harriot's efforts off the bench gave us false hope. Really can't see how this team can stay up.

    Buyens was shocking, as was Igor despite his goal. Wiggins continues to go bankwards and it looks like the malaise has even spread to Solly.

    No stand out performances on our side and would give mom to Watt even though he was only on the pitch for one half. Would love a Grabban in our team - another from the Eddie Howe coaching school.
  • We almost got out of jail, but not quite.

    Two goals from two strikers a reason for hope, some of the aimless play before that - and especially from free kicks - a cause for more concern.

    Really need a result on Saturday now.
  • The team on Saturday needs to be

    Henderson (if fit)

    Solly. TBH. Johnson. Fox


    Gudjonnsson. Jackson. Harriott

    Watt. Vetokele

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  • Only got two cause Narwich totally switched off. We were an embarrassment. Started with wrong formation and never recovered. Don't be fooled by the score, as a contest we were never in it.

    Spot on and although its easy to pick out individuals who had poor games (most of them) I lay the blame at the clueless head coach who is way out if his depth.
  • That loss was down to Luzon. Bad decision to start with Bulot. Bad decision to have Watt on the bench. Bikey needs a break. I'm actually looking forward to seeing Johnson start. Never thought I'd say that when we were being tipped to take him. But anything's better at the moment, and you never know we might stop giving away soft goals.
    Oh, and I also blame the Belgian muppet who put the Israeli muppet in charge. Fuck right off!

    Can you be certain Luzon picked the team?
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again, gudmondsson is pony. What does he actually do? It's all good scoring worldys every now and then but his set pieces are awful.he doesn't take anyone on, He has no bottle and milked out of at least 4 tackles. Buyens the same. Bikey is a joke of a defender. Feel sorry for watt and cousins who gave there all. I honestly think well be playing in league 1 next season . And we all know who will be to blame for that
  • Need to take out Buyens and put Cousins in the middle. Watt needs to start. Vetokele did a lot of chasing and I feel for him because there is almost zero creativity in our midfield. Used to love Bikey but he is frustrating me now. We could do with some quality loans asap. I am growing fearful for our stay in this division
  • Watt has to play. Igor improved also playing with him.
    All of the defenders were awful. So we're the midfield to be fair...
  • What was the attendance and atmosphere like tonight?
  • We were competitive for 20 minute, the rest we were non-existent.

    We made it too easy for Norwich, who were gifted a win.

    That fat **** Bikey is not fit to lace Morrison boots. He is shit and does not deserve to be anywhere near first team.

    Luzon do not pass the buck, you are an awful manager. No wins in 14.

    We are in trouble
  • How can he start with 1 up front at home after starting with 2 at Boro. Having two out and out strikers made a big difference offensively 2nd half.

    As others said the two goals flattered us and the first half was abysmal.

    Even the more reliable players at the start of the season look terrible. Ben-Haim clueless, Bikey a liability, WIggins poor. Less said about the midfield the better - don't know what peoole see in Cousins.

    Watt is a class act and MUST start Sat with Igor who may gain some confidence from the goal.

    Poor numbers as expected and v.disgruntled but did get behind them for the brief time we actually turned up. Decent Norwich support.

    Can't believe Millwall and Leeds both won away. Im relying on Rotherham being the 3rd worst team come the end.

    Me and the lads all lumped big on a win tonight which made it more gutting.
  • We nearly got away with murder. Norwich could and should have been three or four up before we scored.
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