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Middlesborough v Charlton (Fraeye's First in Charge, officially) post-match views 2015/16

Not much smiling on show...


  • MK is a huge, huge game on Tuesday
  • Belgian buns
  • Don't know how anyone could have seen anything but a defeat today!
    Long way to go yet...!
  • If you're reading RD & KM. Listen to this!!!

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    MK is the real test, don't think anybody expected any points today.

    Anything but a win against MK and the pitchforks will be out. Again.
  • But actually I'm beginning to think I could bring myself to hate you......very much!
  • MK Dons is a huge match now and I really think we will see a repeat display where we will just be trying to hold off the first goal and then again surrender. Worrying times but as others have mentioned all 244 are heroes.
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  • What's the odds on mkdons 3-0 next?
  • Same shit, different week
  • Dazzler21 said:

    What's the odds on mkdons 3-0 next?

    And you just know who's going to score...
  • I will just leave this here :- (
  • Quite stunned looking at the stats from this game - however bad our team is I fail to understand how comprehensively they are outplayed game after game. No goals yet again, virtually no chances and limited possession.

    Complete and utter shambles - this side couldn't even compete in the Conference.

    Hard to get behind a team and management structure that is so inept. Surely they can do better than this?

    MK Dons must be nailed on to beat this shower.
  • Yup, shows how bad it's got
  • Maybe this is Roly's plan - create a crisis and then - hurrah! - Roly and KM save the day when we don't go down. Probably less expensive than building a squad to get up into the Premier League.
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  • The plan seemed to be to try to battle for a 0-0 draw with no Plan B. Possibly too early to start sharpening the knives (perhaps not!) but things have to get a lot better and with more attacking intentions at MK Dons or we are toast
  • MKD is a massive game, looking at form they're as bad as us, so a really important game for both teams.
  • Oh well at least an improvement.
    3-0 at Middelsbro', is better than 0-3 to Preston and Brentford.

    Fnaar fnaar.
  • The second goal is an absolute joke. 5 or 6 players standing around doing nothing letting Adoma stroll around like a training game and has so much time to pick his spot.
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    The tradegy is I don't feel much emotion at all. In the past this result (a loss) would have ruined my weekend but, now, it makes no difference.
  • i trust the hunt for a permanent manager will now gather pace.

    We are going to get in the playoffs....

  • If you are reading RD & KM, listen to this!!!

  • Macronate said:

    i trust the hunt for a permanent manager will now gather pace.

    I still doubt they will look yet.
  • Didn't see the game or listen to any commentaries. I was thinking that 3-0 was no surprise against a top team and at least we fought hard evidenced by 5 yellow cards .. then I read a couple of comments about 'surrender' .. I can't comment on this .. I will see how we go on Tuesday in Milton Keynes, a game which is a REAL six pointer as well as a benchmark against another struggling outfit
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