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Magennis turns down contract offer!!! (Ed. Page 9 signs new contract)

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Maybe looking to move on?


  • Where did this info come from, @SoundAsa£ ?

    If true, with his name being one of the 3 quoted on another thread as possible leavers, we could see both our main striker and a good, young prospect depart before the season starts !
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    Ha. I bet the big crowd on Saturday will change his mind....
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    Said in the Norwich match thread first 20 mins the other night , Robinson didn't stop moaning and winging about his performance . I wonder if this came to light prior to this and explains the constant winging to bowyer and Jackson about him
  • The forum who's name may not be mentioned.

    Of course !

    Their "Global Moderator" is KM's right hand man , isn't he ?
    Supposedly agents informed he is available for transfer.
    By the way.....please don't shoot the messenger!
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  • Tbh I wouldn't be surprised.

    "It's Magennis not Konsa who is supposedly engineering a move away. He has essentially rejected a new contract by asking for silly money. As of last night several agents were notified that he was available for transfer."

  • I wonder if the pressumably bumper deal Holmes just got has anything to do with it?
  • We definitely need a new striker then!
  • dickplumb said:

    I have it on very good authority that Magennis asked for silly money and Robinson decided to circulate other clubs that he was for sale. To say this is bad news is a understatement.

    Great.....really great.
  • No wonder Robinson had his arm around RHF after the Greenwich game. He has to keep somebody playing for him.
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  • oh well....
  • Definitely seems to be the case, this has been leaking out a few different avenues today
  • Disappointed if that's the case
  • He seems to get into some great scoring situations but to be honest misses way too often.
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    At the risk of ridicule I have to say that while I like Josh, I don't actually think he's a world beater. Under normal circumstances I'd chase him if he was being unreasonable in his demands. However, our circumstances are as always far from normal. It was all looking quite promising a week or so ago then exit Ceballos, Marshall gets crocked and now this. Same old shambles I fear.
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    Stick him in Goal for the reserves and let his contract run down.

    If only we'd done that with Parker.
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