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Charlton v Plymouth post match views 24/3/18

Off to a good start.

Over to you.


  • Laudate Dominum,
    laudate Dominum
    omnes gentes! alleluia!
  • Up to 8th 55 Pts 2 behind Pboro & Plymouth with game in hand.
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  • Good win, but I remain suspicious (and don’t want to celebrate too early) that a takeover is still sometime away!

    Not ITK but would be very charlton!

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    We looked like a completely different side! More positive, confident, direct and capable. Everyone had a great game. Long may it continue...would add Dijksteel was MOM by a mile.
  • 100 times better than of late! Passion, commitment and desire were evident on the pitch not just the preserve of a press confrence sound-bite. Amos’s early save was crucial and not a poor performance from anyone! Great stuff!
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  • Listened via the web. It sounded like a completely different team out there. Clearly Robinson had lost the players some time ago as they just weren't performing. We hit a Plymouth side in great form and managed to win comfortably, now if we can win our game in hand we'll sneak back into 6th position.

    I want to believe...
  • Is there a brief summary on cl some where would really appreciate reading it
  • Bouncy bouncy! Get in there!
  • Can tell I'm out of touch, only found out about iFollow at half time but managed to see the second half.

    A shame I didn't get to see the goals but what a performance, show's this group have got in them on their day and with the right management. Huge credit to Bowyer and JJ, absolute heroes.

    Thought we did a great job nullifying Plymouth, they hardly got a sniff apart and we reduced them to a few speculative snapshot efforts. Lovely what a change in tactics can do!

    Special praise for Dijksteel from me, looks a real good quality player. Some of his touches and tackles reminded me of an in-form Solly. I don't think he put a foot wrong at all from what I saw.

    To a man I was so impressed with everyone but a special shout out to Lewis Page, never going to be first choice while Dasilva is here but he showed his capable of stepping up. Let's hope he can keep himself fit and really push on from here.

    There's a long, long way to go before we have our Charlton back but let's enjoy today and see where we can go from here.


  • Key things for me today:

    No 4231
    No Magennis ; Zyro is considerably better
    No Solly. Dijksteel is raw but far better already now
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