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Charlton v Bristol City | Boxing Day | 3pm KO | Post-match Thread

Finally, we've seen a game out for the three points. 

After Gallagher went off, we struggled to right then ship, but Bonne put in a masterful performance. Doughty and Morgan as well. We looked balanced as a team, mostly, and really deserve that.

Shroud was awful. 

Over to you!


  • Yes yes yes 
  • Merry Christmas, Santa gave me what I wanted, god bless the team. 
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    Bit of argy on the pitch at the end? 

    Who did the tunell jump?
  • SCENES!!!!

    Looking forward to Bowyer's post match interview. 
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  • Can we play finding Nimer? Did anyone het a picture of the directors box?
  • Concidering we are still missing Williams and Cullen to lose Gallagher as well was a real kick in the goolies. 
    Dug in really well to get the three points. 
    Delighted for Bowyer and the boys 
  • Match winning performance by Macca!
     Love him. He loves Bristol
  • What a team performance that was!! I'm gonna struggle picking a man of the match. I'd forgotten how good getting a win felt! Up to 16th now, COYA
  • If we could defend (by that I mean cut out the bad mistakes) I would be confident that we could have been pushing play offs.

  • Deserved the win overall, we just don't give up. Well in.
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  • Can someone please upload a photo of the directors box from today?

    got an urge to play Finding Nimer
  • We only needed to have 9 defenders on the pitch (inc. Phillips and Pratley) to see out a win
  • Quality finishing today. Bonne did amazingly well to get that second shot off let alone get it in the roof of the net
  • How did that injury time go 7 minutes! I felt 5 minutes was to long anyway, considering the only real break in play for the second half was when Conor got injured and subbed off.

    Also I have to say I think Matthews has been very good last few games. 
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    Exciting, nail biting end.  Couple of great goals by Bonne - not sure how Alfie’s went in.  Battling performance by Pratley.  Sarr on form and Morgan fantastic.  Thought Purrington did well when he came on.  Hope Gallagher isn’t badly injured.  Taylor knackered at the end...
  • Great result, especially with what went on with the teams below us today.

    Have we got enough players for Monday?
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