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Post-match thread: Gillingham v Charlton 21/09/2021

With a side comprised of many changes, in personnel and formation, we came out in the first half to good effect, all guns blazing. The first half was our best 45 minutes of league football this season. The movement was pitch perfect, with Lee pulling the strings and Blackett-Taylor running at them with pace. Gillingham were shell-shocked and didn’t recover. We couldn’t capitalise on the dominance.

In the second half, changes were made to both sides. Washington went off for Leko, but Gillingham’s changes were effective and they put pressure on us. Charlton wilted somewhat and Gillingham were able to pull level. We reverted to current form somewhat, but didn’t buckle.

We had two top chances (and they had one off the post), that on another day would have seen us clear. Their keeper pulled off two world-class saves to keep them in it.

We had shots! We had shots on target! Many of them.

An improvement, certainly, but we need to find the confidence to push on and capitalise.

Over to you.



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    What lineup for Saturday? What will Nige try next?
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    Another acceptable 20 odd minutes, then what?
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    Should have been 3 up at half-time.

    Somebody being lazy at corner cost us the goal.

    Midfield defensively inept.
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    edited September 2021
    Almost the perfect first half - just lacked the second goal.

    second half was so predictable! We all knew gillingham would roar back and come at us, we were just happy to sit back and allow it. 

    second half football was turgid, especially when leko came on (what does he actually bring?) and we desperately needed someone to get the ball on the floor and drive - perhaps DJ/Kirk could have done that? 
    No shape, reverted to hoof ball and threw too many men forward!

    their goal was pure luck, but it was always coming! 

    Can’t see us getting anything from the next two, and have no idea where we go from here unless Adkins is dismissed! 

    Only positives were CBT, Davison and lavelle.
    Feeling very bored and low charltonwise tonight 
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    Decent first half but it was against a woeful Gills side.  They stepped up second half and we wilted.  Can't get excited about a point v Gills but maybe it stops the rot..
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    Very good first half. Poor second. A point at Gillingham. Just can't see this team going on a run really. Disappointed but not surprised, actually was expecting worse. Some positives but not inspiring
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    cup half full yet still half empty .. better than recent performances .. on Saturday we face another failing 'fancied' team .. no consolation but with Ipswich and Pompey not at the races, we are not alone
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    Much better performance. I'll take a point in the circumstances - the rot has been stopped for now at least. Should've had the game won first half though, even with us well on top and Gillingham virtually begging us to get in behind them, we till only really got 3 good shots away. Have to do better when we are in chance creating positions. Old frailties resurfaced for their equalizer and then it was quite an even game from there on.
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    Missed our goal as the internet cut out, Steve Evans looks to have trimmed up a bit, pleased we didn’t get beat, says it all about where we are at the moment.
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    An improvement . It keeps me undecided about Adkins.
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    Good first 25 mins but once they sussed out CBT we didn't really offer much else. Bringing Leko on for Conor didn't really work, and though we had a couple of decent efforts in the second half, they hit the post a couple of times and by the end of the game looked more likely to grab a winner. It's progress from the weekend, but not by much
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    Just realised 4 get relegated from L1 so we're not out of the relegation zone... 

    Sounds like we played better but this season is going to be dire. 
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