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POST-MATCH THREAD: Charlton Athletic vs Derby County | Saturday 6th August 2022 @ 3pm

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Ben Garner’s Addicks received a rude awakening when Derby visited the Valley with their own effective brand of possession-based attacking football. Relentless pressure from the off caught the Addicks flat footed. Derby dominated possession, whilst Charlton chased shadows. We failed to find any pattern of play, with Derby’s press proving effective. In his pre-match interview, Ben Garner assured us that the squad had trained well all week, but, rather worryingly, little of that showed once battle commenced. Lack of movement and lack of urgency translated into a lack of confidence. Derby tasted blood and only Wollacott’s shot-stopping ability kept them at bay. Three quite miraculous saves and a late shot against the upright proved Derby’s intention. With a head injury a change was made, bringing Dobson on to provide much needed bite in midfield to replace a possibly concussed MacGrandles. It wasn’t until the 43rd minute that we threatened. Stockley’s flying header was somehow kept out. In as much as we were battered with little to no effective counter, both sides went into halftime honours even. 

The second half started much more brightly for Charlton. More energy and a higher tempo proved effective. Suddenly, Derby were the ones making unforced errors and looking unsure. The home support responded accordingly. 

On 61 minutes a counter attack comprised of quick passes and a surging run from Albie Morgan put CBT through on an open goal to push Charlton ahead. Derby players and supporters must have been scratching their heads in wonder at the apparent role reversal!

Both sides then traded blows. The goal woke Derby from their slumber, but they continued to probe to no avail. They seemed unable to find the target and should have done better on multiple occasions. Conversely, clever counting attacks from Charlton proved threatening. CBT’s pace put pressure on Derby, which forced a couple of last ditch efforts to protect their goal. 

On 80 mins Garner made three changes that showed positive intent to shore up outlet attack. Leaburn for CBT, Payne for Fraser, and DJ for Kirk. When Payne is on the pitch we need to find him to feet at every opportunity. His ability to turn on the ball and drive forward with the ball at his feet is effective in helping us retain possession and put the opposition on the back foot. His low centre of gravity and quick feet make the world of difference to our team play. 

I’ll leave it to others to signal individual performances in detail, but for me Dobbo is a must for us as the midfield anchor; his presence helped inspire more confidence. Clare played very well at the back. And Albie Morgan had an impact on our turn around. Wollacott practically played Derby on his own in the first half. He’s a very good keeper. Ben Garner must have one hell of a halftime team talk. His side stuck with it and that proved decisive. Meanwhile, Derby lilted in the glorious South London heat. 

Derby I’m sure are still scratching their heads as to how they’ve not got something from their afternoon of work. Football’s a funny old game. 

Charlton 1 Derby 0

Anyway, rather curiously, I’m in the mood for worthless, shitty robot art; who’s going to join me in purchasing a commemorative NFT? Syke, feck those grifters. 



  • Addicks to victory !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great result. Was worried at half time, but in the end the only thing that was missing was a few more substitutions.
  • I’ve just got in from being out for the day, don’t want to put a negative point because today was a superb result but I see we made 6 subs today when I thought it was only 5 in the football league? 
  • Summary:
    Derby seemed to give everything in the First 45 mins. The fact we went in at 0-0 was huge. Derby could not keep that level of intensity second half and that really played into our hands. We played with a higher tempo, confidence and created some fantastic chances. 

    We were more clinical then Derby today. 4 points from opening two games, really happy with that.

    Bring on Wednesday COYR!
  • Draw away, win at home, so far so good.

    Haven't been 100% convinced but a new style of play will take time.
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  • Top 6 - have it 
  • I’ve just got in from being out for the day, don’t want to put a negative point because today was a superb result but I see we made 6 subs today when I thought it was only 5 in the football league? 
    Shhhhh! Nobody noticed
  • edited August 6
    Been out today so missed the game, sounds like I should go missing more often eh,..great result against one of the pre season hot shots, mind you, always knew they would win, although I thought it would be 2-0, anyway will catch up on the highlites, but top six after 2 matches will do for me...👍👍😎
  • I’ve just got in from being out for the day, don’t want to put a negative point because today was a superb result but I see we made 6 subs today when I thought it was only 5 in the football league? 
    Mcgrandles went off with concussion which means we were still able to use all of our 5 subs 
    Ah makes sense, thank you mate.! COYR 🔴⚪️
  • Very very honest Ben Garner but not sure who he was actually blaming it (the first half) on though.

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  • I LOVED that!

    [Full report to follow post celebration :) ]
  • Thought we were in big trouble first half, keeper kept us in it. Total momentum shift second half CBT and Kirk got at them. Don’t think we’ll see much of O’Connell, he looked a bit out of his depth, maybe just a bad day but think Lavell will take his place. Great win though and good to be back.
  • our season is now well underway, this win will have done wonders for the team's confidence and morale
  • Didn't expect a win today.  A great result against a team that will be right up there come the end of the season.

    Wollacott is a very good keeper & a big upgrade on MacGillivray
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