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Post-match Thread: Charlton Athletic vs Ipswich Town | Saturday 29th October 2022

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Though we held our own for the first forty minutes, we never looked like scoring in the first half. We kept possession well against a ball-dominant Ipswich, which muted their attack. But we had next to no attack of our own, so let’s skip to the second half. Unfortunately, first, we half to note that Ipswich scored  right before the halftime whistle. 

The second half… wow! Not a whole lot happened for Charlton, except another Ipswich goal, until two key substitutions. Chuks Aneke (the power) and Corey Blackett-Taylor (the pace) appeared to provide the attacking intent. And it worked from the off. Within two minutes, we quickly drew level with goals from Rak-Sakyi and then, about ten minutes later, through Morgan (who had come on to replace an early injury to Mandela Egbo). We now had the momentum, miraculously, and seemed poised to push on for the winner. Unfortunately, we couldn’t conjure another. Rather guttingly, on 90 minutes, we conceded. Then on 90+4 we conceded another to make it 2-4 to seemingly put the game to bed. Ipswich looked visibly relieved, their quality shining through…. But there were more twists and turns yet. Making his full debut, Terell Thomas stabbed the ball home after the keeper fumbled it. With just seconds left, there was more. On 90+9, Dobbo popped up at the back post to nod home over the keeper! A tremendous ending to a decent League One match. Coming back from two goals down, twice, feels like a win… but perhaps that’s a sense of the issues we’re facing, sadly. Nonetheless, it’s a point we battled hard to win against one of the top two teams in the league, and a solid confidence builder.

We struggled at times, particularly losing Egbo and O’Connell to injuries early on, and against the referee, that proved more than frustrating. The referee struggled to make the right decisions at times, often making baffling ones in situations that seemed straight forward. Gaffer Ben Garner was livid throughout, right up until the referee sent him to the stands. He went off as aggressively as he protested, imploring the Covered End to back the team, sending a clear signal to the team and the supporters… and it seemed to work!

Charlton 4 Ipswich 4

Over to you.


  • woo hoooo 
  • Football, bloody hell!
  • The most bizarre game ever.
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  • Never leave early.. 

    Let's get some facts straight:

    Lavelle is poor. With Thomas in the team we will ship goals. We will miss Egbo more than O'Connell. Morgan is not a winger. Morgan is a decent no. 10. Anneke offers so much more than Stockley. CBT has pace to burn!

    The ref, and his team, was terrible.
  • It's Charlton init?

    One minute the cats in danger next they fucking reel you back in again, twats!
  • I have no words other than that was Mental. Attacking masterclass but defensively horrific. I thought our passing out the back was a shambles today and lost track how many times 2 players jumped for the same ball!!! 

    Going forward we was excellent 2nd half. Wish Chucks could play longer because the second stockley went off we was something else.

    And to the referee stick that result up your arse. 
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  • Gutted. I never leave early but I left at 2-4. Buzzing at the same time though.

    Never seen such a biased refereeing performance in my life. I genuinely believe the fact he was so bad and Garner’s reaction won us that point. Get in.
  • Go on. Be honest. How many of you fcuked off and missed the equaliser?
    I did 
  • Press association stats say we didn't have a corner?
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    Cafc43v3r said:
    Press association stats say we didn't have a corner?
    We definitely did - BBC says we got one, and remember an Ipswich player heading the ball out under no pressure
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    Jesus what a game. There 2nd goal was terrible on our part, letting them play the ball.

    I don't think Ipswich were that great tbh. They have enough talent to do well enough but not the world beaters there made out to be. 

    Left at 3-2 to my shame but what a result. There's a decent team here...need some holes plugged in January then who knows what we can do.

    Edit: ref was quite honestly the worst one we've had. Fucking disgrace.
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